Revealed! The Secret To Discovering your God given Destiny

Christian Life CoachingYou know how it is, you’ve returned home from an Evangelistic, Prophetic, Worship Conference and you’re all fired-up to take on the world.

With prophetic exhortations ringing in your ears, you’re committed more than ever to step out in God’s Destiny for your life.

You pour over your underlined notes from the Conference – especially the one’s related to how God has fashioned you, formed you and released you into your unique and God-called Destiny. You long to win souls for the Kingdom; to heal the sick, speak prophetically into people’s lives and to release you God-given talents and gifts for the Kingdom.

Yes, you have the anointing and clear calling of God to “take the land”, after all “you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you’” But HOW exactly do you do it?

The reality is, you feel alone and vulnerable now the excitement of the Conference has worn off. It is one thing to be excited about God’s Destiny within the confines of a Conference but what happens when you’re back home? You are surrounded by the safe and familiar and are at risk of slipping back into complacency (and being called ‘over the top!)

There is, thankfully, an answer to your problem. It is a key, I believe, to unlocking your Destiny – the call of God upon your life.

A ‘key’ to fulfilling your God ordained Destiny is to engage the services of a Christian Life Coach.

A Christian Life Coach will help you…

* Get from where you are now to where God wants you to be expressed as a Goal!

* A Life Coach will help you achieve goals on your journey by giving you the keys to dispelling doubts, fear of rejection, failure and shame.

* He/she will help drawer out of you all that God has placed in you. He will encourage you to picture the Goal clearly in your ‘heart’ so as to begin a plan for fulfilling your Goal…. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov. 23:7)

* He will help you overcome obstacles encountered on the journey and will keep you accountable to fulfilling mini-goals along the way, so as to achieve your ultimate Destiny.

* He will be listening to the Lord for guidance to help set you free to prosper, and will be speaking prophetically into your life.

Change takes time. We need a strong heart, determination and help to keep the faith during times of challenge. A qualified Christian Life Coach will help get you through all resistance.


Have you ever wondered how much more you could achieve for God with someone looking in on your Christian life? Someone coaching you, encouraging you, asking you powerful questions; someone standing with you to accomplish goals and someone praying for your prosperity and good success? Please Scroll Down…

I am an International and accredited Life Coach (Level 3 BTEC Certificate Life Coach)

Member: Biblical Coaching Alliance

Click Here For Your Free and without obligation FREE INTRODUCTORY CHRISTIAN LIFE COACHING SESSION.

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