Christian Coach Links Page

Welcome to my Christian Links Page.

These Links are amongst my favourite Websites and Blogs to be found on the Internet.

Please contact me should you like to exchange your Link, if we have similar interests Before I moved, during difficult times I used to sit quietly in your church and draw peace. 14 years later I became a Christian. The Lord knew… Including The BLOG of the PoetPatriot,- Roger Hancock With Christian Links and Christian Pages An impressive Christian Community, taking the Gospels seriously – reaching out from the very heart of the London.


All About GOD – The Christian community for seekers, skeptics, and believers.

[Peer Resources' Corporate Logo]

Peer Resources A global leader in peer assistance, mentorship and coaching.

This is my local family Church Bath City Church

Anointed Christian Links

An emerging Church in Bristol UK Foundation Bristol


Registered charity founded in 1983 by Marion Daniel and her family. Christian Healing and Deliverance Ministry offering help in all forms of spiritual bondage. “If you are not a ‘free’ person in any area of your life we can help”

Helping Ugandan Refugees
Healing The Past, Building The Future

Association of Christian Writers

Bath City Church UK Our family church

The Bible illustration blog A Blog for those who illustrate Bible pictures and those who use them! A place to discuss all aspects of Bible illustration.
Finding high quality Christian stuff on the Internet

Christian Plays “IT’S NOT TOO LATE” – A Musical Drama

Bible in an Hour Musical
“Hear the Bible come alive in Songs.” and simple way to share God’s Word and the gospel. Great Books for Learning The Gospel Making the bible heard
Suggested Links for Sunday School Teachers
‘Quality Web Directory’
an emerging church in Bristol UK

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