About Christian Life Coaching, Packages, Costs, Skype,paypal

My name is Peter j Foster. Please read about my passion to see You Prosper!

“As a Life Coach I work with Christians, passionate to see Gods calling and purpose for their lives fulfilled, and who want to express their gifts and talents profitably, and to see their own lives and the lives of others prosper for the Kingdom.”

 My Qualification: EDEXCEL Level 3 BTEC Certificate Life Coach.


Christian Life Coaching

…Have you ever wondered how much more you could achieve for God with someone looking in on your Christian life? Someone coaching you, encouraging you, asking you powerful questions; someone standing with you to accomplish goals and someone praying for your prosperity and good success?

Christian Life Coaching gives you the HOW TO skills to unlocking your highest potential – through the Word of God, prayer, Coaching and steps of  faith.

Please Note: Someone looking in on your life can be of great help. “As iron sharpens iron” Prov. 27:17 

Life Coaching Costs & Packages Available. To Include email support

If after Your free ‘Trial Coaching Session’ you decide to go ahead with the 3 Coaching Sessions at two week intervals, the Investment for Your Great Future is…

1.COSTS: £90.00 for 3 Sessions.

3. Ongoing Sessions (i.e. More than 3 sessions) @ £30 per session. 

If you are ready to book your Life Coaching Sessions, please make payment as below…

Methods of Payment.

By PayPal Go to www.paypal.com  You will need a PayPal Account. On the official PayPal page, click ‘Send Money’ to my email address: mail@peterjfoster.co.uk Enter ‘Amount’ If not paying in British Pounds, you will be charged a small conversion Fee.)

  Pay by Cheque in advance of each session in UK only. Send cheque to: Peter j Foster, Poplar 23 Road, Bath BA2 2AJ UK

Please Contact me if you need help about payment. Email: mail@peterjfoster.co.uk

My unique Money Back Guarantee –

“If having completed all 3 sessions – having accomplished all assignments given and having been on time for each session – and you genuinely believe you have not benefited from, nor will benefit in the future from my Christian Life Coaching; I will willingly return your fees in full or continue coaching you until your have achieved your stated goal(s)”


My Credentials and Background

EDEXCEL Level 3 BTEC Certificate Life Coach

Trained Counsellor: Sozo Ministries International

Serve in Prayer Ministry Team at Bath City Church, UK. Married to Rachel, two children: Jonathan and Eleanor.

My Bio

“I am an International Life Coach. I coach via Skype or Telephone  UK and World wide. English speaking only. I am a committed Christian.” 

* My name is Peter j Foster. I live in Bath UK.

* Trained Graphic Designer / Copy Writer.

* Founded successful Design / Print company; sold as a going-concern and is still going after 25 years.

* Managing Director, Property Marketing company in Bath UK for 3 years

* Owner of successful promotional marketing company for 10 years; sold as going-concern

* Award winning writer

* Song Writer and Musician. Writer of “The Bible in an Hour Musical”

Code of Conduct

Absolute confidentiality is assured. I do not share my clients details with anyone

Conform to “NOS” (National Occupation Standards) Confidentiality guaranteed

Conform to Data  Protection Act. Referrals to other professionals/ministers where agreed

I am committed and accountable to the Leadership at my Family Church: Bath City Church United Kingdom.

Please click here for a ‘Free Trial’ Coaching Session. It could be about any aspect of your life: Spirit, Soul or Body FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

I welcome enquiries from UK and Worldwide.



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