Thanking God – the missing Key?

When there’s a problem in your life: something missing, a need not met, a healing to receive or a person to meet; it’s time to apply the Biblical method of ‘Giving Thanks.’
Thanking God for your needs is a declaration that He has already provided them. Not that you are thanking God for what He’s offered you in His Word, but for what you already have – by faith! My website

You are not trying to receive the answer to your prayer some time in the future; but the truth is, by faith, you already have it. This is the ‘children’s bread.’

The power of a ‘Thank You’ must never be underestimated.

That need in your life is filled by declaring out loud that you already have it. Thanking God is the most powerful means of affirming your need is met NOW!
And by adding rejoicing and celebrating, you’re not only speeding things up but you’re also positioning yourself to always be in a place of receiving. Just imagine what a life time of ‘Thanksgiving’ will do for your life.

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