How to Receive Grace. With You!


There I was bumbling through life:  professing I was a Christian – a marginal One at that!

Everything was going well: nice job working for myself, nice family, nice home and nice church. And then something akin to an explosion shattered my life. I was lost for words and lost for direction. But, no. I was actually still there and had’t slipped off the side of the Earth.

What I now know to have happened was simply the ‘Born again Experience’ An act on God’s gracious behalf where He took away all my sins upon the Cross and counted me His very own son; an act I could never have accomplished in my own cleverness nor Religiosity. And Goodness knows how much I’d try to do so over the years.

No, this is a Gift from the Father and He is to be exalted; and we are to enter in to this new life: By Grace.

Pic: Titus Tscharntke

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