Trust in the Lord

I usually begin my Daily Devotional with Scripture reading and Journalling. Normally I write about how I am, what is going on in my life, what I have understood recently by applying His word to my life. And on occasions, I ask Him very frank questions that need speedy answers.

So, this is my prayer life. I invite you into one such Journalling conversation with my Heavenly Father. “Trust i the Lord”

I am treading carefully across a stream on stepping stones. Half way across the river, the water rushing playfully amongst the well-rounded stones, I am thrilled by the adventure but am becoming troubled as to whether I will get to the other side. With my trouser legs rolled up carefully I tread barefoot on the watery stones. There is a point halfway across where I fear I will not get any further. I’m beginning to panic and loose my balance as the now ferocious water bombards me in torrents. I test different steps forward but am loosing my nerve!

Finally I have to admit that I’m stuck! And so, right there caught between each bank of the river I call out to God for help. In the quietness that ensues at the depths of my heart I hear His small still voice:

“At a crucial point,” He says, “normally half way towards your goal, you will be tested. The temptation to give up at this time is at its peak. Continue to “Trust in the Lord”

That’s very true Lord, I reply within my spirit. In many aspects of my faith walk: my healing, deliverance and my ministry, at a particular point where it seems I’m just about to ‘break through’ I am some how or other slammed with fears of failure! Why is that Lord? What can I do to get beyond that fear?

As I wait there, with water rushing all around, I notice a cut off branch that is similarly stuck at this point. It is a metre or so in front of me and so I reach forward to grab it. Thankfully it unhinges itself easily from between the rocks and I pull it to my side. The branch is, conveniently, the size of a walking stick and so by steadying myself with it I manage to make my way safely to the other side.

“What a sturdy companion you have been,” I say to the walking stick. “And what a faithful God I have for presenting it to me just at the right time!”

I lay the stick on a grassy slope beside the river – in readiness for my return journey. And as I walk from the river I hear, in the splashing of water, the voice of the Lord speaking to me:

“My son, do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

I realise at that moment, the Lords right hand may at times be a ‘word in season’, or a person coming alongside to pray, or in this case even a walking stick to get me to the other side. These are the graces made available when we step out, in faith, to do exploits for Him; even in the case of writing a simple parable of His faithfulness.

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