Releasing Gifts and Talents in the Church

Christian Gifts & Talents

Within the church, we are responsible to ourselves and to each other in fulfilling God’s call on our lives – to become all that God has made us to be.

Every church has a role in identifying and releasing folk in their talents and gifting, that they might fulfil their God given potential.

But what happens when, say, a talented singer/song writer does not fit in with the way the worship band do things in the church; or the gifted evangelist who’s style is quite ‘gruff’ and confronting (along the lines of Smith Wigglesworth). Are these folk left to be ‘out in the cold’ – to have to go it alone? Or worse still, do these ‘round pegs in square holes’ eventually give up their calling completely!

Then there are the Entrepreneurs, Adventurers, Artists, Writers and Performers, who, although not mainstream, still have a responsibility to fulfilling God’s will and purpose for their lives: to produce fruit for the Kingdom. These individuals can only do their ‘stuff’ by being ‘plugged in’ to their home church.

As a Christian Life Coach I am fulfilling a role that probably should be done within the church leadership, or a ministry within the church.

I encourage folk and affirm them in their unique gifts and talents and work with them to bring forth good fruit for the Kingdom and to develop their skills and talents.

It is a role I delight in, especially seeing them blossom. Having someone to stand alongside and champion them brings out the very best they can be. But I still see they remain largely isolated within the home-church.

This is a plea to all churches: would you please respect, affirm and encourage latent talent within your midst and let them know they are very much valued – even if not totally understood. They still need to feel they are being sent out by their church family and are being covered by prayer.

Peter j Foster 20th September 2013

My next Post will be:

“How to Coach Talents and Gifts in your Church”

Photo by kind permission: petercui(BideCui)