Marketing your Christian Business

If you are a Christian in business, any type of business, you are actually in the ‘Marketing Business.’ No matter what is the nature of the business, be it Graphic Design, Estate Agency, Ministry Work, I.T., Business Start-up’s, Consultancy or ‘Handy Man’; you can’t get away with the fact that your primary activity is Marketing.


Without effective Marketing you are ‘up a creek and without a paddle!’ You are tossed to a fro by every wind of market conditions and are unable to make wise choices.

Marketing is not about ‘chance’ but a planned and sustained effort to connect your well defined target audience with your product offering.

I find a useful starting point is to describe, in a paragraph, your defined target market (your customers); who they are; what they want and how to reach them.

For example, my own marketing statement reads:

“I work with Christians, passionate to see God’s call and purpose upon their lives fulfilled; and who want to express their gifts and talents profitably; and to see their own lives and the lives of others prosper for The Kingdom.” 

You may prefer the ‘Elevator Pitch’ approach where you have 30 – 60 seconds (the time it takes you to go up a floor or two in an Elevator) to describe to someone what you do and why you should be chosen to do it.

In order to attract the target market’s attention, you must interrogate your product or offering to determine its USP (Unique Selling Proposition). For example: is your offering the cheapest on the market? Is it the most accessible? Or the only one endorsed? Or is it the only one with a money back guarantee?

If your product or offering has no discernible benefits then you will have to invent them.

Competition for products and services has never been so fierce. As Christians we need to be as wise as Serpents in taking advantage of every conceivable opportunity to ‘flag up’ our products and services.

And as a Christian Business Life Coach I am passonate about seeing you succeed!

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