“Christian Coaching” Find The Gift In You

“A man’s Gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.” Prov. 18:1

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Each of of has has a unique Gift fashioned and designed exactly for us alone. It is as individual to us as is our thumb print. And no power in Heaven or Earth can stand against it, nor nullify it.

These God ordained Gifts enables Him to fulfil His purpose and plan for each one of us.It is through us, His people, that He is able to ‘Moves Mountains.’ Through prayer and patience He Heals the sick and brings down unjust Dictators, etc,.

My Mother in Law has a simple yet powerful Gift to encourage folk who are struggling in any area of life; it’s as simple as welcoming the Holy Spirit, opening her mouth and praying. And she will continue un-bated in prayer, until the issue is resolved – no matter how inconvenient it is. She just loves it..!

My own Gifting, I think, is the ability and passion for making-up spontaneous words to gentle music, say during Ministry. I find myself reciting Scripture and prophetic utterance. It’s not that I’d planned it that way, it is simply the Holy Spirit joining in with us, or should I say me joining with Him.



Christians got Talent


Our God-given Talents in the Kingdom is the currency needed to both purchase souls and to edify the Body of Christ.
When invested wisely they produce an abundant return.
When invested frivolously on say, entertaining the world – or even not investing at all – they loose their true value.

Our Talents are to be ‘honed’, protected, encouraged and used wisely for the furtherance of the Kingdom.

In the Parable of the Talents we see that Jesus rebuked the lazy servant for ‘hoarding’ the talents left by the master, which should have been invested for a profitable return. On the other hand Jesus honoured the servant who diligently invested his talents and produced an abundant return.

Although the Lord is talking in this parable about investing money (Talents being the currency of the day) it is true in these New Testament times that both money, talents and our gifts are to be spent wisely, so as to produce a bountiful return.

So how about taking stock now and making an inventory of your God-given talents and gifts? And seek the Lord as to how and where He wants them invested. Perhaps you’d like to consider the following questions:

1. What are you naturally gifted at (list them!)
2. What are you currently doing with them?
3. Are they being spent frivolously on entertaining the world, or invested wisely in reaching out to a lost world and edifying the Body of Christ?
4. Do you encourage others in their gifts and talents and how to use them?
5. Do you feel stuck and don’t know exactly what your gifts and talents are and what to do with them?
6. Are you in a church that don’t really need them?
7. Are you ready to review your investment strategy?

Now that you have begun to think more passionately about your investments, here are a few verses from the Bible to inspire you…

Romans 12:6 “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them….”

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world…”

Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men,…”

A Christian Life Coach will help in your journey.

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In the Book of Mark Chapter 4 v 3, Jesus is talking about our heart’s being as soil in which we plant the seed of God’s Word. Our heart need to be ‘soft’ in order to receive His Word and for faith to grow. Conversely, ‘hardened’ hearts do not produce God’s kind of faith. In this scenario, the seeds of God’s Word are either plucked away by birds or they wither on stony or dry ground, and die!

Consequently, the condition of our heart determines the likelihood of a harvest.

Moving on to Philippines 3: 13, Paul the Apostle encourages us to “…press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
This is what we long to do. It is a place where faith is working in our lives and we are producing fruit for the Kingdom. There’s no happier place to be!

But their is a problem, I have discovered, in that my own hardened heart has been a hindrance to producing good fruit. It is a problem that prevents me from “pressing towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

The problem is this: my heart has been hardened through past hurts, sins, fears, pride, rejection and unbelief. And no matter how hard I try to get God’s affirming Word into my heart, (so that I might press toward the goal in faith), those seeds of God’s Word do not bear fruit. They find only ‘stones’ of offence and thorns and thistles of bitterness, fears and unforgiveness.

The remedy, though, is to be found in the same Philippines chapter. We are urged to “Forget those things which are behind..” This speaks to me of Healing, that is:
Healing the hurts of the past, fears and wounds through prayer, repentance and faith. My hardened heart needs to be healed so that faith might be able to work in me: faith working through love (Galatians 5 v 6)

With His faith now working in me through love, I am ready to Press towards the Goal and to bring Him Glory.

Please contact me if you need help in being free from un-forgiveness, past hurts or mistakes; A Spirit-Filled Life Coach can be of great support!
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Time to Invest in Gold?

When I became a Chistian 17 years ago Gold had very little perceived value. It was seen to be an outmoded hedge against inflation or financial crisis. The incumbent Chancellor of the Exchequer at that time even sold a large churk of the UK’s Gold reserves. Since then the value of Gold has risen considerably.

It was no coincidence that I began to develop an interest in buying Gold; not because I am particularly a shrewd investor, but because the Lord had begun to reveal Himself to be a ‘Refiners Fire’ – bringing forth pure Gold through His Word and by His Spirit.

The physical often has its’ source in the Spiritual and so, as well as buying Gold, I began to dip my toe into the whole area of Inner Healing, or Sanctification – as the Bible calls it.

I discovered that His Word showed me the condition of my heart; the Holy Spirit applying pressure, or heat as it were, to the very core of my being.

Little by little the ‘dross’ came to the surface and was scooped off through repentance and prayer. I became more free in my relationships; I began to feel better about myself and more comfortable about the person God made me to be. I found the things I used to worry about held less power over me; and most of all I found myself a loving wife who God used to help refine even deeper parts of my ‘being.’

The process continues of course; there seems to be no limit to the depths of unrefined Gold hidden in ‘them there hills!’ But by His grace, little by little, the very nature of Christ is being revealed through me – and of course the Body of Christ in the Earth. It begins with me and it begins with you; and as we each begin to shine brighter for Jesus then the world will once again see the true value of the Lord’s Gold. I recommend you get into this great investment, that is, who we are In Christ Jesus –  before it’s too late!

If you know God is calling you to the Sanctification process, you will need someone to stand with you and to be accountable to. Please Click Here for a Free ‘Getting Started’ Coaching Session.

What do you see?

The Bible tells us we perish through lack of vision. We don’t physically perish of course but stagnate, which to the Believer is akin to perishing!

But you say: ‘I tried that vision-thing years ago and it didn’t work.’ Feelings of failure and disappointment can render us incapable of taking further risks and so we play it safe, staying rooted to our seats both in church and in life!

This is a tragic situation for the Believer and leaves us wondering why some people seem to get on in life and others don’t. We begin to question whether our vision was wrong or worse still: was it simply me that was wrong!

Perhaps one answer is that, at the time, there just wasn’t an ‘enterprise culture’ in the church to take on and encourage vision; rather like at one time – not too long ago – there wasn’t an enterprise culture to facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs. All that is now changing, thankfully, due to popular tv programmes such as ‘The Dragon’s Den.’ We have finally begun to realise that our future prosperity is dependant upon ‘ordinary people’ with great ideas and vision – together with ‘experts’ who have the necessary influence and resources to make it happen!

So what is the vision God has given you? Maybe you could begin by writing that vision; crystallising it; honing it and then rehearsing it in your mind as to how you would best present it to say a ‘Dragon’ or a leader of your church. The idea could be related to business, ministry, creativity – or whatever. The important thing is to get your idea from your mind into a tangible form.
Seek key people who are in a position to make your vision happen. Pray for God’s wisdom as to how to take your vision forward. And consider engaging a Life/Business Coach who will help translate your vision to do-able goals and hold you accountable to fulfilling those goals so as to realise the end vision.

Great ideas are not for certain people only but for those who dare to dream. The most exciting part though is in turning that dream into reality.

A Story – of Your Life

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.
Once upon a time, in the Heart of God, there is your life: blessed, confident, happy, loving, exciting, purposeful.
No? So what happened?
Maybe you need Jesus to come and sit with you as He did the woman at the Well. Maybe you need Him to tell you a new story about who you truly are; to stir you at the very depths of your being; to challenge you; excite you and help you move forwards to fulfilling your wildest dreams.
Maybe you need to talk to Him right now. Ask Him for a dream. Allow Him to drawer from the well of your inner-being, as it were, and to drink of His living waters.
If you do, you’ll never be the same again.

Bearing Fruit

Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness – berries and fruits everywhere; the result of months of preparation beneath the surface. Nature has dutifully carried out Gods instructions to both provide food for all manner of creatures and to reproduce of its’ kind.

The Bible teaches us to do likewise: to bear the fruit of his Spirit, to love others, to give, serve, bless and forgive. And yet in common with all of nature, we have an enemy that seeks to subvert Gods plan. This enemy is ever working deep beneath the surface of out hearts to bring us into fear, condemnation, hopelessness and offense. He knows that if he can discourage us in God’s plans, he lives to tell another lie!

It’s good to remember that what we put in to the ground of our heart is what we get out. The farmer or gardner knows only too well the necessity of preparing the ground for sowing or planting; and the effort it takes to weed and protect its’ growth. How much more are we to work diligently to apply God’s Word so as to bear fruit with patience.

Hello world!

This is my space for expressing thoughts, ideas and encouragement for folk who want to see The Kingdom of Heaven come in both their own lives and the lives of others.

I am a Christian Life Coach and Writer (www.peterjfoster.co.uk) and am passionate to see the Body of Christ prosper in all that Father God has planned for us. I want this Blog Site to be a Blessing to you and am planning to keep you inspired and challenged with regular entries. If you have any thoughts or ideas to develop in this space, please let me know.

Peter J Foster.