Biblical Restoration – it’s about enjoying the Journey.


Not long after becoming a Christian, the Lord showed me in a dream that it was as though I’d been rescued from the ‘scrap heap’ of life, and just like a ‘Classic Car’ I’d been given a new identity! In truth I’d been given a new lease of life: I’d been born again into a family of ‘exclusive Classics’ – the Body of Christ.

And so my journey of Christian Restoration began.

Amazingly I was now considered to be something of great value, a new creation in Christ Jesus and it hadn’t cost me a penny! But, there was work to do.
I needed to go through a complete process of restoration – getting rid of what had been lost due to sin and the effects of The Fall! In fact, I was to become something I’d never been in ‘the natural’ – nor would ever have been! I was to return to what God had planned for me from before the beginning of time – a brand New Creation in Christ Jesus!

Christian Restoration, however, is no joy ride! It is painstakingly slow, can hurt the ego, challenge our perceptions and offend our self centredness. No matter how we try to speed things up, God does not do a quick ‘codge-up’ job on our lives. He is a perfectionist and knows exactly what we are truly like – made in His image and likeness. He wants only that we be Blessed so that we can give Him all the Glory.

The first thing I found was that God gave me a new ‘Motor’ – a new Drive if you will. I was no longer to be driven by fear, performance or pride, but by His love alone.

The Lord began to show me my foundations were rotten – just like the foundations of an old car. He gave me a new ‘Galvanised Stainless Steel Chassis’ – the foundation of His Word, which was to become the ‘bedrock’ of every other Grace.

What followed was the beginning of a work of Restoration on my nervous system. I felt He was re-wiring my entire life with His power, love and His peace and Christian mind renewal.

He gave me new headlights, so to speak, that I might see more clearly where I’m going. He also gave me new Indicators so others might see where I’m going too, and may even want to follow me!

I received a new exhaust system so as to release toxic waste more efficiently: the toxins of hurts, fears, anger and bitterness.
I received a new water-cooling system to help maintain a constant Spiritual temperature; and fresh oil, the Oil of His Spirit – together with regular oil/filter changes to keep me well lubricated and the Gifting flowing.

He gave me a new upholstered interior so that I might feel comfortable with my new identity in Christ Jesus. And a new paint job so that even people around might see the difference!

He gave me a new Map Book and Instruction Manual, to be found in prayer and praise, that I might understand where it is He wants me to go and how to get there.

And finally He gave me a new ‘badge’ – His ‘Marque’ of quality – the Name of Jesus; the Name that would symbolise forever my pedigree and esteem as a new creation in His Kingdom.

Christian Restoration takes time and persistence. A skillful Christian Life Coach will help with discovering who you truly are in Christ Jesus, and will travel the journey of restoration with you. This truly is Christian Restoration!

The Bible say’s “Two are better than one.” Sometimes we simply need each other in the process of Sanctification for the Lord.

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Peter j Foster. Copyright 2015

What do you want Jesus to do for you? Mark 10:51

origin_266023763-1“You do not have, because you do not ask God.” James 4:1-8

The trouble with so many of us Believers is that we just can’t believe that God is speaking and listening to us – personally!

He speaks to us personally through the Bible and through our thoughts and circumstances. He does so because He really loves to fellowship with us and longs to help us in our times of trouble.

And yet…

I used to think: for the Lord God of Heaven and Earth to actually want to walk and talk with little old me is like asking the Queen of England to stop her cavalcade and actually summons me for a one on one chat.

It just doesn’t happen that way and so I don’t even spend time dwelling on it.

And yet over the days and weeks I kept hearing in my ‘inner man’ His words: “What do you want me to do for you?”

So, I took me a writing pad and began a long and detailed list of all my needs related to work, relationships, and ill health. Ill health being my greatest need. After all if you don’t have good health you don’t have the energy to do anything!

I kept writing and writing and writing! I listed specific desires I had as a new Christian: A wife, a Ministry, a good business, great friends, money and health. All the usual things.

Exhausted, some time later I packed up my pad and pen and headed back home.

It wasn’t until I reached home that I finally began to realise the objective as a Christian was not to aquire things but a Person – the Person of Jesus Christ. What I truly want and what Jesus wants is Relationship! He’ll provide everything else – including good health.

How to find true Prosperity and Success

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” Joshua 1:8

4096px-DSC33103,_Bellagio_Hotel_and_Casino,_Las_Vegas,_Nevada,_USA_(5438826671)There are many successful people in the world. Due to their training, skills, education and tenacity they have all the trappings of prosperity and success.

In fact, never before in the history of the World has there been so many financially successful people.

But what does the Bible say about true success? There is a difference between Biblical success and ‘worldly’ success.

A multimillionaire I know, who built his fortune in the Construction Industry, says to this very day that what he really wanted in life was to be a winning ‘Rally Driver.’

God wants to give us our hearts-desire. And that can only come through Him.

True prosperity and success begins on the inside. It is knowing and applying God’s Word to our lives: to know who we are and what we have as sons and daughters of the Most High God. To know how to live in right standing with Him. And to know, and to do, right behaviour and right thinking.

Jesus’ life’s purpose was to destroy the works of the Devil – (1 John 3:8) and yet He had to grow in wisdom and understanding before He could take on the Devil and destroy him!

God does not want fleeting success, the kind to found in ‘worldly pursuits’. He wants the kind of success that lasts!

In my own life I once had the ‘trappings’ of success. I had money that comes with a thriving business. And yet I was not living in prosperity in the true sense of the word.

My success was built on my own efforts and to a large degree by being in the right place at the right time. But it could not last. It was built on ‘shifting sand’ My life was unstable without God’s Word guiding my life! In order to know true prosperity I had to be stripped right down to having virtually nothing – a man ‘a shadow of his former self!’ And yet it was in that place that I found the seeds to true prosperity.

The Bible teaches us how to live prosperously; and that is, by listening and doing His Word. His Word equips us to handle and prosper in every day situation. His Word teaches us how to treat others; and how to love ourselves as God first loved us! And how to deal wisely in giving and receiving.

God’s Word is the True currency of ‘Good Success’. It is the success that comes by living prosperously in our heart’s first – according to the Word of God – and then manifesting it on the outside, by faith.

DSC33103, Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Marketing your Christian Business

If you are a Christian in business, any type of business, you are actually in the ‘Marketing Business.’ No matter what is the nature of the business, be it Graphic Design, Estate Agency, Ministry Work, I.T., Business Start-up’s, Consultancy or ‘Handy Man’; you can’t get away with the fact that your primary activity is Marketing.


Without effective Marketing you are ‘up a creek and without a paddle!’ You are tossed to a fro by every wind of market conditions and are unable to make wise choices.

Marketing is not about ‘chance’ but a planned and sustained effort to connect your well defined target audience with your product offering.

I find a useful starting point is to describe, in a paragraph, your defined target market (your customers); who they are; what they want and how to reach them.

For example, my own marketing statement reads:

“I work with Christians, passionate to see God’s call and purpose upon their lives fulfilled; and who want to express their gifts and talents profitably; and to see their own lives and the lives of others prosper for The Kingdom.” 

You may prefer the ‘Elevator Pitch’ approach where you have 30 – 60 seconds (the time it takes you to go up a floor or two in an Elevator) to describe to someone what you do and why you should be chosen to do it.

In order to attract the target market’s attention, you must interrogate your product or offering to determine its USP (Unique Selling Proposition). For example: is your offering the cheapest on the market? Is it the most accessible? Or the only one endorsed? Or is it the only one with a money back guarantee?

If your product or offering has no discernible benefits then you will have to invent them.

Competition for products and services has never been so fierce. As Christians we need to be as wise as Serpents in taking advantage of every conceivable opportunity to ‘flag up’ our products and services.

And as a Christian Business Life Coach I am passonate about seeing you succeed!

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