How To reach the Top of your Christian Mountain


We so long to step out in faith and bring the Kingdom of Heaven into situations and circumstances affecting our lives. But somehow we just seem to hit a brick wall! Thankfully the Word of God tells us how to overcome every obstruction. 

Although we are encouraged to pray more, to rebuke the ‘Devour’ and to declare Scripture that affirms our God-given rights; there’s still something missing!

Frustrated and disappointed we throw our hands into the air concluding that it’s all our own fault and that we are stuck due to a lack of faith (or some other sin that is blocking our prayers.) And so we repent more and we pray more.

Result: Condemnation and failure!

But I have good news for you, this is the exact place where The Lord wants us – fully emptied of ourselves and fully dependant upon Him. For it is in Him, Jesus alone, that we “can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.” It is His strength, not our strength that open’s doors that no man can open; so that we have the opportunity to become more and more like Him – growing in the power of His might.

Paul the Apostle put’s it this way: “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily: and you are complete in Him,who is the head of all principality and power. (Col 2:9-10)

How to Reach Your Goal

The Bible talks much about achieving Goals. So does Life Coaching!


Paul the Apostles Mission Statement was to “press towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3:13) In other words, Paul was committed to pursuing the goal of God’s purpose for his life. As Christians our Goal is the same. Our Goal is to achieve God’s call upon our lives; a goal that can only be achieved ‘In Christ Jesus’.

I don’t believe God would give us a Goal we’d find too easy to achieve in our human ability. God the Father is glorified through our faith in Jesus Christ alone to get the job done.

Only Jesus can achieve God’s call upon our life. So, what is the Goal you have to fulfil God’s purpose and plan for your life? Just think of the amount of people in your sphere of influence you could reach with the love of God. That’s not to put undue pressure on you. Indeed I know only too well how challenging this issue of reaching out to the unsaved can be. It’s Scary! And yet the disappointment of not sharing our faith is sometimes greater than if we had shared our faith!

So, here goes with a few timely Christmas Tips to help share your faith with unsaved friends, neighbours and family.

1. How about going Carol Singing; but go a little further in capitalising on the moment by sharing the Gospel to whoever may turn up – in a nice Christmassy sort of way.

2. Invite friends, associates, fellow co-workers to a local Christmas Celebration; one which brings a very clear message that Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil! (1 John 3:8) P.S. Anything to do with the Devil generally encourages discussion!

3. Invite your neighbours round for a mince pie and sherry. Try have a real conversation about how they’ve been recently: any problems, aches, pains or emotional struggles. Then ask them if they would like prayer for healing. If they’re not sure give them another sherry!

I hope you find these Christmas Tips encouraging. Meanwhile, any other Tips you can add to these would be appreciated, along with any Testimonies.

If you are pursuing your own Goals, Please try a Free Coaching Session to get you going


“God gave gifts to men” (Eph.4:8)

In addition to the four-fold ministries of Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist & Apostle, there are a number of God-given gifts we each have been given to help build the Kingdom. Discover your unique gifts as you read on…

Workers in the Field

These could well be the gifts and talents we are currently using in the Market Place’ – In Education, Socially or wherever we find we find ourselves connecting with various people groups. It is right to here, in our everyday circumstances, that every Christian has an opportunity to evangelize and influence those around us. Often times simply by being there!

Our career, job and position in Society are not merely a means of paying the Bills but are potentially our unique Mission Field. This is where we find purpose and value in displaying the Truths of the Kingdom. The power of God is available to us Believers in whatever situation we find ourselves. When we choose to not gossip amongst our un-saved friends and co-workers, God is there. When we are loving with the love of God those who spitefully use us and when we choose to forgive others for their wrong doing, we are truly displaying the Kingdom of God!

Just think, forgiving a co-worker or neighbour for their rudeness, in spite of how hurt we feel, is the closest they will get to God all week! Isn’t that worth a little temporary upset! And all because of ‘little old you – just doing what God has called you to do!’

God has a plan for you in the most unlikely of encounters. We should not under-estimate the influence God has on the un-saved simply by us being there. Let us not underestimate the power of God in the simplest of our tasks – to the most complex of tasks. He is in your new Start-up Business. He is amongst the challenging pupils in the class room. He is in the new Educational Course you are undertaking to improve you career prospects. And just as He was with Joseph during his life time of captivity, He is with you in whatever situation you find yourself.

Question: Is there an Evangelistic streak in you ‘bursting’ to come forth? Please consider Christian Life Coaching as a means of sharpening and releasing your God-given Gifts – in an accountable and effective manner. Someone standing with you can be of great support!

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