A close up on Christian Healing Confessions.

NPG x28780,Charles William Anderson Scott,by News Chronicleby Peter J. Foster
From past experiences of having received an anointed prayer of healing – even though I knew I’d been healed – I allowed symptoms talk me out of it; only to slip back again to a ‘mentality’ of ill health! In the Book of the Prophet Jonah, chapter 2 v 8, the Lord warns we are not to forsake our mercy by observing lying vanities.
The lying vanities in the case of physical infirmity are the symptoms of sickness. We must remember that they have no legal right on us. The truth is that Jesus took them on the Cross and by His stripes we were healed. God the Father’s will for us is that we would live in Divine Health all the days of our life. He has made provision for such through His Word.
It is our part to receive His Word by faith and resist the devil’s lies of ‘symptoms’. Only then will we see God’s Glory manifest – and remain!
Here are 35 Confessions that will help you keep your healing.
1 The symptoms are not the sickness; they are signs of sickness which I do not have. They are on the outside trying to get in. Do not accept them!
2 I am the sick recovering my inheritance.
3 Patience is not ‘enduring suffering’ but is constant in faith – with a heart of expectation.
4 Death and life is in the power of the tongue, not in the power of the devil.
5 Faith say’s: “I refuse to let it dictate my life!”
6 Be strong in faith. Give God glory. He’s already done it; now tell everyone!
7 Testify to your miracle before it happens!
8 Speak to your body. Tell it to be strong and to conform to the Word!
9 When your blessing comes to your heart – you’ll have it. See ‘health’ in the heart.
10 Salvation is a return to God’s original plan for your life.
11 Talk about your great future.
12 You have to believe first then speak and believe. You have to know in your heart that you believe.
13 Pass from physical to Spiritual thinking to get healing.
14 God will only be to me what I believe Him to be.
15 I have roads of success in my mind before I can build roads.
16 Don’t struggle to be more pure, holy or righteous; you already have it in Christ.
17 Because of Righteousness, through faith, the Spirit gives life.
18 The Spirit quickens our mortal body despite state of blood.
19 Success or failure is in our spirit.
20 Prayer doesn’t heal. It’s faith that makes us whole.
21 Without faith it’s impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)
22 Everything not like Christ must be removed.
23 Be it unto you according to your faith.
24 Knowledge is not power; but the application of knowledge is power.
25 He doesn’t consider whether I have faith. He’s already dealt me a measure of faith.
26 He answers when you ask.
27 Step into Jesus’ shoes and ask the Father directly.
28 I am in the place of Jesus. The voice of Jesus…
29 My faith is based on the faith of Jesus.
30 I’m not looking for breakthrough; I broke through when Jesus broke through death.
31 Look not at seen but unseen reality.
32 I’m no longer controlled by symptoms but by the Word of God.
33 God’s faith is Jesus – the Word become flesh. All I need is faith in Jesus.
34 I’m not trying to ‘become something’; It’s who I already am in Christ Jesus.
35 As Jesus is, so am I in this World. (1 John 4:17)
Peter j Foster.
If you are believing for your healing, consider having someone stand with you in a prayer of faith. Take time out to be saturated with the Word of Faith. Have someone come into agreement with you. As a Christian Life Coach I am here to encourage you in your healing.

by Peter J. Foster

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How To reach the Top of your Christian Mountain


We so long to step out in faith and bring the Kingdom of Heaven into situations and circumstances affecting our lives. But somehow we just seem to hit a brick wall! Thankfully the Word of God tells us how to overcome every obstruction. 

Although we are encouraged to pray more, to rebuke the ‘Devour’ and to declare Scripture that affirms our God-given rights; there’s still something missing!

Frustrated and disappointed we throw our hands into the air concluding that it’s all our own fault and that we are stuck due to a lack of faith (or some other sin that is blocking our prayers.) And so we repent more and we pray more.

Result: Condemnation and failure!

But I have good news for you, this is the exact place where The Lord wants us – fully emptied of ourselves and fully dependant upon Him. For it is in Him, Jesus alone, that we “can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.” It is His strength, not our strength that open’s doors that no man can open; so that we have the opportunity to become more and more like Him – growing in the power of His might.

Paul the Apostle put’s it this way: “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily: and you are complete in Him,who is the head of all principality and power. (Col 2:9-10)

Christian Success

Jesus asked the lame man at the Pool of Bathesda: “What do you want me to do for you?” It may have seemed obvious that he wanted to be heaed, but Jesus knew there was more than physical healing this man needed. Jesus saw his need for Salvation and that God had a unique plan and purpose to his life.

Jesus now asks the same question of you: What do you really want Jesus to do for you?

As Kingdom kids we know that God has a plan for us: to prosper us, to give us success – a hope and a future. He wants to give us His hearts’ desire – for how else are you going to glorify His Name. But HOW do you actually go about doing it?

As a Life Coach I ask my Christian clients the same question: “What do you really want?”

Rarely do I det a straight answer other than a general recongnition that there must be more to life than they are currently experiencing.

And so, a wonderful journey of ‘discovery’ takes place between me, the Coach, my client and the Father.

We begin to talk about dreams long since abandoned; ideas burried deep beneath the rubble of day to day living. Of memories of happy times when they were free to talk about how Jesus had changed their life: healed them, blessed them and inspired them with dreams of great adventures.

But somehow they’d grown ‘cold’; become uninspired, dissapointed – depressed even! Still going to church on Sunday’s and still doing all the right things; but the light had somehow grown dim! Success had eluded them.

Thankfully, the good news is that Jesus has not changed one bit. He still wants to express His Life Through you. He still has a great plan for your life. And all it takes is for someone to come along side you and push the right buttons to get you dreaming again.

A Christian Life Coach is trained to get right down to the source of your unique ‘You.’ To discover what makes you tick! What ‘light’s your fire’ and what you need to get those flames fanning again.

It is a process that, with your permission, brings your whole life under the microscope of the Holy Spirit. Not that He, nor the Life Coach, will push you to do anything you do not want to do. This is a process of nurturing, encouraging and discovery – all done at a pace that suits you.

You will find the secret to Christian success is the undertaking of small and managable tasks (or goals) – towards the goal of your destination. Like stepping stones, you only move forward as you feel able. There is no hurry, no pressure. Your motivation is the knowledge of the reward you will receive when you reach your goal.

So why not consider inviting a Christian Life Coach to partner with you in this momentous Journey. It is a journey that often begins with making a phone call or sending an email. The Christian Life Coach is already waiting for you and is praying for your great future. You won’t regret it!