Coached By Jesus

Someone looking into your life can be of great value.

An outsider is able to see your predicament without fear or doubt.images
Often a ‘Word in Season’ can be the key that unlocks your present situation.

If only we could have such a person in our live’s: guiding and encouraging us.

Thankfully, as Christians we do have that Person -The person of the Holy Spirit.

We have the word of God and the Spirit working in all things together for them that love Him.

If we have faithfully stored up God’s Word within our heart’s we are able to quickly repel lies and deceptions of Satan. And rise up in rule and authority.

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Getting rid of the Junk!

I’ve noticed that every time I’ve made a deliberate action to curtail the strategies of the Enemy to steal some aspect of my life, I have invariably come out of it the worst!

It’s as though I’ve deliberately invited Him, the ‘Enemy’, to put me under his feet and crush me down to a pulp!

And yet, still unperturbed I have often gone back for more!

For example, when at 40 years I decided I was ready for a career change and chose ‘Life Coaching’ (to replace my Graphic Design career) I was tested in every single way possible!

Even though I fought with every last breath, I was beaten remorsely. Not a very encouraging spectacle for my burgeoning Coaching career!

Christian Breakthrough!

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ…”

The trouble is, I had been doing it in my own strengh. I’d been trying to discard the rubbish I’d accumulated, rather than giving the rubbish to Jesus! He took my shame, the guilt and fears. In Him I am a new creation, so that in stead of acknowledging Satan’s right to steel and destroy. I declare what I now have and who I now am IN HIM.

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Spring Cleaning the Mental Clutter

imgres-1If you are like me you’ll have Post It Notes clinging to every available space: at your desk, your computer and beyond. I’ve even found one such preditor clinging to my cheek bone which, when decifered, reminded me to remove the other Post It Note on the back of my wrist, telling me to buy some more Post It notes and sundry stationary whilst in Sainsbury’s.

These spontanious ideas and reminders that promise so much, serve only one purpose and that is to drain me of all mental peace and sanity. The clutter, of course, goes way beyond the office in ever increasing creativity. So much so you may suggest I invest in an electronic devise to remind me of just about anything the ‘Enemy of my Soul’ could possibly cause me to forget. But, I’m sorry, I JUST DON’T DO  ELECTRONIC DEVISES – Why not? Simple reason it would necessitate 4 or 5 Post It Notes just to remind me how to operate the ‘Darned thing! ……. Born out of time, I guess!

I am Healed through Jesus!

Jesus took the blame and the shame for my sins – on my behalf! He died for me, the death that I should have died – such were my sins!

But how I have struggled with this truth. It’s like being handed an incredibly expensive luxury vehicle free of charge (An Aston Martin please Lord!) which is a totally unearned, undeserved and an unexpected favour. ‘A Gift out of the blue!’ You might say.


Christian Life Coaching

So when it comes to my body being sick, can I really accent the gift of Jesus’ atoning work on the Cross?  Jesus Himself took my sickness upon Himself? On my behalf.

There’s no way I can accept it Unless… I renew my mind to the truth that makes me free!

I need to meditate in my heart upon the truth. I begin to ‘see’ in my heart the promise of God’s healing grace working in my body.

The Bible tells us – ‘For as he thinks in his heart so is he..’ (Prov.23:7)

The imagination has a powerful role in bringing forth God’s promises of Grace, through faith in Jesus, the Word.

Imagine that!

How to Receive Your Christian Miracle

From the Bible’s perspective, miracles are gracious and mighty works of God that display his unique power and dominion over all creation. They are “gracious” because God in his mercy chooses to reveal himself supernaturally in a way that displays his willingness to interact with mankind.




Biblical miracles serve to authenticate God’s messengers. Some miracles demonstrate God’s salvation, others his judgment.

But right now you are probably wondering how to receive your miracle of healing or miracle of financial provision, etc. You may relate to my own experience of receiving a miracle below.

Testimony: When I became a Christian I began smoking cigarettes like I’d never smoked before. I was virtually chain-smoking. I did everything to quit smoking. I’d buy a pack if 20 cigarettes, smoke them one after the other than get so angry with myself I’d flush half the packet down the toilet. 30 minutes later, Id leave my Apartment and walk to the local ‘All Night’ Store and smoke cigarettes one after the other. I was frantic with shame, terribly un-healthy and fearful.

One night, again smoking one cigarette after the other I prayed for deliverance (for the 10th time that month) and right there in the quietness of night I suddenly received my miracle. In a moment I was free. Every thing went quiet and I knew I was delivered of nicotine addiction! Twenty years later I’m still totally free. Praise God.

I have no Spiritual formula other than to say that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. Just keep praying, seeking and expecting your miracle. It is on its’ way!

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Prophetic Christian Life Coaching

In the Gospel of John 5:19 we see that Jesus only ever did what he saw the Father doing! If Jesus was so reliant upon the Spirit of God to reveal the Father’s will, how much more should we as followers of Jesus Christ, be seeking God’s prophetic ‘Now Word’ for our lives.origin_2340296058

The Christian Life Coach will spiritually ‘stand in the gap’ between the client being coached and the ‘Divine will of the Father’.

Prayerfully the entire coaching session is committed to the Lord for His guidance. The client does not necessarily need to join in with this prayer; he or she may not be in a place to do so. As previously stated, the Christian Life Coach is, in effect, ‘standing in the gap’ between Father God and the client with the purpose only to seek the God’s Destiny.

This is a responsibility that the Coach does not take lightly and demonstrates the need for the Coach himself to be in a good place with the Lord and to be fully committed to doing only what he sees the Father doing.

On occasions the Prophetic Life Coach will see very clearly what the Father is saying related to an issue with the client; it may not, however, be expedient for him to impart this information. It is generally more beneficial for the client to receive revelation himself; to find answers for himself.

In order to maintain forward motion, the Coach – through patient questioning and active listening – will prompt the client into seeking their own answers. When they do so, they are far more motivated to apply their new found truth directly to their lives.

Healing and freedom begins when we confront the root of our problems. There are, however, occasions when issues are so deeply buried in the unconscious that the mind is incapable of connecting with them. This is where revelation from the Heart of God is so crucial. The revelation may come in a word spoken, a scripture hi-lighted or a picture in the mind. The important thing is to have faith to go with the prophetic insight and trust the client to the tender hands of the Father. He alone knows the plans He has for us, to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future. And He alone knows how to get us to that place of fulness in Christ.

Skilfully applied Christian Life Coaching, together with sound Biblical Counseling and the ‘Prophetic Word’ will see God’s will be done for your life.

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Top 10 Christian New Year’s Resolutions

1.To know God the Father’s unconditional love for me.

(Scripture Ref: 1 John 4:8)


2. To not try earn His love and acceptance by works or striving.

(Scripture Ref: Eph 1:6)


3. To know it is by grace through faith in Christ alone that I am saved.

(Scripture Ref: Eph 2:8)


4. To believe there is now no longer any condemnation for I am – ‘In Christ Jesus’ – a new creation.

(Scripture Ref: Rom 8:1)


5. To lay hold of all that Christ Jesus has laid hold of me – ie, to know I have a purpose and destiny ‘In Christ’.

(Script Ref: Ps 20:4)


6. To be Blessed so that I might be a Blessing to others.

(Script Ref: Eph 1:3)


7. To let go of past hurts, disappointments, failures and ‘what-could-have- been’s’ and to live in the promise and reality of who I am now ‘In Christ’ alone.

(Scripture Ref: Phil 3:14)


8. To be all that God has called me to be, and to seek help to discover what that is.

(Scripture Ref: Col 1:9,10)


9. To know that it is no longer I that lives, but Jesus Christ that lives – and to live out of Him alone. 

(Script Ref: Gal 2:20)


10. To deliberately pursue the presence of God in my heart.

(Scripture Ref: Psalm 16:11)


Please Note:

Being accountable to a Leader, Mentor or Christian Life Coach will help you fulfil your New Year Resolutions. 


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I can do all things

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

This well known verse from Phiippeans verse 4:13 is a great encouragement for many of us.

The word “Do” is often seen to be an invitation to execute our own strength and determination to achieve ‘good things’ in our lives.

It actually refers to our willingness to allow Christ’s power to sustain us in difficulties and challenges. It also refers to Christ’s power within us to enjoy, to the full, the good success and abundance that does come our way.

I have found there is a battle going on in my soul at this time. Even as a Christian, after many years, I still find my self attempting to sort things out in my own strength.

With the economy in difficulty, jobs being lost, cut-backs here, cut-backs there, it is a challenging time for us all.

One response I’ve noticed is to get tough with the Devil! To stomp around declaring faith-filled scriptures,; praying fervently: rebuking this, rebuking that and generally getting into a right tizz about it!

But, behind all that spiritual bravardo there whispers a still small voice that says: “Seek first the kingdom or God and His righteousness, and all thee things shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)

It is primarily a time of developing a closer relationship with God the Father. It is a time of standing still and seeing the salvation of the Lord God who is with us.

It is a time of believing His Word in love – and not in desperation (fear!)

What the Lord wants is for us to know that we have His promises first on the inside; and then, from out of the abundance of our hearts we speak His life on the outside.

In other words, it’s an ‘inside out’ job.

So here’s some scripture’s to help get us started on your inside-out breakthrough…

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phi 4:13)

“I am strenghened with might through His Spirit in the inner man,…” Eph 3:16

“You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you.” 2 Chron. 20:17

“Not by might or by power, but my My Spirit,” Zech 4:6

“…for the battle is the Lord’s,.. 1 Sam 17:47

What do you think? I’d love to have your comments.

Discover Your Passion


Passion to serve Jesus will reveal itself in any number of ways, depending on who you are, where you have come from and your life events.

Your passion will always be related to people and not ‘things.’

Your passion may be buried so deep you may not even be aware of it.

So why not take the ‘Passion Test’ right now…?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following question.

“What grieves my heart more than anything else?”

Don’t be in a rush to answer; just let the question sink deep down into your heart.

Wait to see what stirs.

Keep a check on your spirit. What is going on deep inside of you?

Are there memories stirring? Perhaps injustices rising to the surface. Anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy even towards certain people or situations.

It’s ok to feel angry. God feels anger at injustice and sin. But we are to be careful not to trip over into bitterness, blaming and feelings of revenge!

The Bible tells us to be angry and not sin. We are to give our anger over to God for He is the Righteous Judge. (Easier said than done!)

God uses our passion so as to co-operate with Him in converting our anger to positive actions of justice, reconciliation and compassion.

Our greatest healing comes from taking what the Devil intended for harm and turning it to good.

The very act of forgiving others and repenting of sinful attitudes enables justice to be done by handing the situation over to the Lord.

“Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord.

Our part is to keep our hearts right with Him, whilst at the same time exposing the wrongs and confronting the sin. It won’t always mean we have to confront someone (or people) face to face. Often our part is simply to forgive others – maybe ourselves too – and repent of any ungodly attitude towards others, even to God or ourselves.

We are to recognise our ‘part to play’ in bringing about reconciliation where needed.

On the other hand, our part may be to take action in bringing about reconciliation or justice.
That’s how Charities came into existence. Someone, somewhere saw a desperate need to help others; passion arose within them and they took action to help.

Accompanied with prayer, ‘action’ can move mountains – both in our own hearts and in the lives and situation’s of others.

You may feel you want to explore this subject deeper. Why not talk it through with a trusted Minister or seek out a Christian Life Coach – someone who is trained to identify ‘vision’ and to help discover ways to fulfil them. Someone who will pray with you and seek the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

You will never be the same again!

What is your Passion?

Our passion is to do exploits for God.

Our passion has the same power that drove Jesus all the way to the Cross, to die for our sins.

Just think of the enormous challenges Jesus had to face in accomplishing His Goal of salvation for Mankind.

It was a challenge fraught with fears, trepidation – even doubt!

So how did Jesus do it? How did Jesus endure the shame of the Cross? He was rejected by his own people; criticised by the Religious Jews and was finally humiliated by hanging on a wooden cross.

The answer is: He endured the Cross because of the joy set before him.

His joy and fulfilment was to provide forgiveness of sins to all peoples of the world – not that we deserved it nor would many embrace his forgiveness, but he still went to the Cross to provide it.

His joy was to do the Father’s will.

It is only passion that will keep us going when the going gets tough.

Jesus never said it would be easy to fulfil God-given dreams and goals. There is a huge price to pay for success: it will take much of our time, money – even our reputation. But it will be worth it!

So how do we do it?

When I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour I received his passion into my heart. His passion is always for the lost, the hurting, the sick and the ‘unsaved.’

His passion is a Gift that will enable us to get the job done!

It is the gift that enables us to keep going in the face of resistance, persecution, rejection – even at the risk of our very life!

Yes, it’s a huge price to pay. But a higher price to pay is to deny the gift of passion and to live in subjection to our feelings by taking the easy way out! Yes it’s a safe place to live but a passionate-less place is a pointless place – and is to deny the greatest joy known to Mankind.

Next Bog: ‘Discover your Passion.’

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

When I was in my teens, the trend was to ‘do your own thing!’ To drop out, to go find yourself; free love etc.

And so I did!

I dropped out of my job and went to live by the sea. I sunbathed, stayed out late at night, partied and did just about everything else that pertains to a life of ungodliness!

But it didn’t work. I was as much bound in my heart and soul – even more so than before! I still hadn’t found what I was looking for!

And so I tried pursuing a New Age life style. I travelled, meditated, restricted my diet to certain vegetarian foods and I drank only herbal tea or purified water.

I abstained from TV; never read newspapers nor pulp-fiction books. I did everything I could to find an esoteric lifestyle of ‘freedom’ from the pollution of the world without.

But it didn’t work! I was still trapped in ‘Me, me, me!’ – only in a different way.

Some time later, as I began to integrate myself back into ‘normal life’, I found that being relatively normal was actually ok; far better than where I’d come from in the ‘New Age’ lifestyle. But still, there was definitely something missing.

I tried writing about my endeavours to find meaning and purpose through my different experiences. I wrote songs about normal things: unrequited love, romance, fun and sometimes poetic. I became successful in business; had plenty of great friends; enjoyed a life pusuing the normal things of life, and yet, deep down I knew there was still something missing! Like the U2 song:
“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

Perhaps, I thought, If I try to be a better person I might find a deeper sense of peace and purpose. I did charitable deeds – I gave much money away; I helped people by being friendly to them. I offered them a listening ear where necessary.

But, amazingly, there was still something missing!

I became ill – very ill! There I was committed to a business, having various interests that kept me busy evenings and weekends whilst all the time feeling wretchedly ill. It became a ‘nightmare!’

And so I quit! I packed up the business; quit my singing engagements; left town and focussed wholeheartedly on ‘getting-well.’ But, the question nagging away at me was: “Why on earth would I want to be well?” I hadn’t been happy when I was well, neither was I happy being unwell, but at least being ill I wasn’t wasting time, money and energy pursuing the elusive ‘happiness.’
And so, I focussed on being ill!

I read everything I could about my condition: ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,’ or sometimes called ‘M.E.’ I tried various cures, diets and therapies, I spent vast amounts of money, but it didn’t work. And so, finally, I ended up living back at my Parents, being cared for by them. I rested, ate well and felt a relative safety and comfort, which actually did me a lot of good.

One day, laying on my bed concentrating on ‘being well’, I had a thought: I’d remembered there was a family Bible – an Authorised king James version, leather bound with beautiful illustrations.

I rummaged through drawers, cupboards and cabinets and eventually found it in the drawer right next to where I’d laid on the bed.

I embraced the book like it were a long lost friend. I held it close to my chest, tears rolling down my cheeks. And all the time I was shivering with anticipation as I remembered the sheer delight I’d had as a child looking at the pictures and reading the stories.

Carefully I flicked through the pages, observing the elegant page layout and decorative fonts, and then I came upon the picture I’d unconsciously held in my heart all my life. It was of of Jesus, robed in his white linen garments; His eyes a flame of fire – compassionate, loving and kind. And above Him was a Halo effect – identifying Him as the One sent by God the Father to rescue us from ‘ourselves.’

And in that moment, I realised that after all the years of seeking meaning and purpose in life, I’d finally found what I’d been looking for. He’d been there all the while, waiting, forgiving and drawing me back to Him – the Truth I’d long-forgotten!

Twenty years later, I still have definately found what I am looking for.

If you’d like help in finding fulness of life in Christ Jesus, you may find Christian Life Coaching just the answer!