Understanding Sowing and Reaping

The Key to Abundant Living

Lenzkirch-KeyWhen you stand back and look at your life as an impartial observer you begin to see definite patterns taking place related to your business, your relationships, finances, health and peace of mind.

For example, the attitude you had towards your mother could be the same attitude your daughter now has towards you. The judgements you made against others for their supposed wrong doings are now the same judgements you are receiving from others.

This is the law of ‘sowing and reaping’. It works for good and it works for bad. It is entirely neutral.

The really cool thing about understanding the dynamics behind the principal of sowing and reaping is that you can begin to make choices as to what you want to reap, depending upon what you sow. In other words you can learn how to harvest the crop that you want – and not any old crop that comes along.

So, for example, if like a farmer you sow potatoes, you will reap potatoes. If you want weeds you just do nothing and the weeds do their own thing anyway. If you are now feeling a hapless victim of your random and seemingly un-planned sowing and reaping. All is not lost.

As a qualified ‘farmer of the soul’ I help many folk begin seeing ‘by faith’ the crop they want in their life and accordingly set about preparing the good soil of their hearts to accommodate their dream. It is also worth while ensuring that what you say, during this stage of sowing and reaping, is what you actually want in your heart and therefore, in reality.

“Christian Life Coaching” Testimony

“Erich Diegel” : Testimony of Christian Life Coaching

Abide in the Vine

“I can truly say that these 3 sessions were really helpful for my life. I could see how Peter was trying to help me to find the answers myself by asking the right questions.”

“I am a person that likes to do different things all at once and that is why I sometimes lose my focus for what my vision or goal really is about. I felt like Peter was really helping me to define that goal and make appropriate steps towards it.”

“He helped my imagination to go wild and see the possibilities instead of why it couldn’t work out. Peter was always very positive and encouraging towards my dream/vision. I could really feel that he understood where I am coming from and where I could go and need to go.”

“I will definitely recommend Peter as a Life coach to others if they need one, because it really helped me a lot. And who knows maybe I need his help again, than I always know I can count on his help. Peter is a great man of God and is helping the body of Christ to grow and individuals to trust and believe God for the impossible.”

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Jesus is Lord

The ‘Enemy’ of our soul is very active this time of year; what with all the New Year Resolutions, Festivities and positive confessions.

800px-Sunrise-Daytona-Beach-FLSatan doesn’t like it one bit!

He will do all He can to discourage us Believers at this time. He will try lull us into disappointment now the ‘Sales’ are over, the parties long gone and the cold, dark nights kick in!

So what was all the joy and merriment about? For us Christian believers it was about God sending His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, into this World that He might destroy the works of the Devil! (1 John 3:8)

This is the the truth we Christians can celebrate every day of our lives. Satan is defeated and Jesus is Lord!

It is the truth that makes us free…

the peace that passes understanding…

It is the joy that is our strength…

the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorry with it.

And in His Name, by faith in His Name, the heavy clouds of Winter are dispersed and the light of His countenance shines brightly in our hearts.

Are you ready to fulfil all the Lord has called you to do this year?

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Healing the broken hearted


Please take time to Rest in His healing grace…

Matthew 11:28-30 Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

This is Jesus speaking to our heart. He is telling us that He Himself has taken all the hurt, wounding, rejection on the Cross. He did it that we might find healing in His Love. – Love heals.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

This is only possible in Christ Jesus. He is in the Father, and the Father is in us.

Isaiah 53:4 Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we did esteem Him smitten by God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And with His stripes we are healed.

In Christ we are healed.

Psalms 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. 

The Bible calls us to meditate on His Word, in this way we find peace where there was once anxiety.

In short, we become as Jesus; one with His Life.

2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.” ~ Oswald Chambers 

Coaching – the ‘How To’ Keys to Your God Given Dream

You know you need a God-given Dream when simply nothing else will do! It’s not that there is anything wrong with what you are doing; it could be all going really well. It’s just that you know there is something to lay hold of; something deep in your heart that you need to do.

This is your God-given Dream.

Your God Give Dream

Your God Give Dream

One solution to bringing you closer to your God-given Dream is to get rid of everything you’re currently doing. This is an extremely radical approach and one that will take a will of steel to undertake. But it could well be the action needed! In fact, this is how I went about discovering my own God-given Dream.

I was an un-saved young man; I ran my own successful business; I had plenty of good friends; I lived in a beautiful place by the sea and had everything going for me (in the Natural!) Thankfully, The Lord enabled me to get rid of everything I owned and to start afresh in a new town, new job and new friends. It had to be a radical move; one which in fact lead me finally to The Lord, and to fulfil my desire for a wife and family; and as a Christian Life Coach to help my fellow Christians prosper in all that God has purposed for them.
Below you will find 3 Character types that you you may identify with.

1. If you are a natural ‘Go Getter’ you will no doubt need to keep bringing your Dream to the Lord and allow Him to raise it up in His timing and in His way.

2. If you are a contemplative type, you may try Journalling you ideas and prayerfully presenting them to the Lord and to trusted others for their opinion.

3. If you are a fearful soul and going through healing related to Inner Issues you will
 no doubt benefit from Inner Healing and a closer prayer life with the Father.

Which ever route you take to discovering your God given Dream, the priority is not so much what we get out of it but what Jesus gets out of it! For He is the One to whom all Blessings and honour are due.

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Christian Dating

My ‘Christian Dating’ Testimony

Christian Dating

This is my story of finding love in the church. ‘Christian Dating’ It could be yours too!

Before I was Christian – some 19 years ago – I was in and out of relationships, each one generally ending traumatically. It wasn’t the fault of my incumbent partner; it was simply because neither of us knew Christ and we were consequently tossed too and fro upon the stormy sea’s of indecision, fears and temptations.

We didn’t stand a chance!

Upon coming to the Lord, I felt to abstain from all female relationships. I kept myself chaste and set aside to do God’s will. In fact, I felt I was going through a process of deep cleansing of emotions and memories. Deep down I still had a desire for a mate; only this time a Christian mate. But what did I know about Christian Dating…?

Eventually I found myself part of a large group of single Christians, mostly my age and from my own church. We had parties, impromptu prayer meetings; day trips and coffee gatherings. My social life was on the up; but this time on Jesus’ terms!
The amazing thing is that, during all that time, the Lord enabled me to have a clean heart and right attitude to the very eligible young ladies in our group. Until that is… I had a dream about one the ladies…

Tall and slim with an inner calm and quietness this lady made me feel quite awkward in her company. Truth is I considered her far too perfect and Holy for me and I forced myself to keep my heart and head from thinking about her.

The next time I saw her I tried to discern whether there was any evidence of her “liking me” more than just …liking me! Perhaps a glint in her eye, looking at me in a different way; but ‘No’ there was none of it. In fact it seemed there was less of a relationship than before. And then to confirm my suspicions, she very gently told me one day out on a Group Picnic, there would be no relationship with her other than friendship! I completely abandoned any thoughts of “Romance” with her. My first attempt at ‘Christian Dating!’

So what did I learn about that experience that could well Christian Datinghelp benefit you?

1. The Christian way of Dating is not the same as the ‘World’s’ way!

2. If you were to come into the Kingdom of God looking for love, you could be disappointed.

3. God’s priorities are different to ours. He expects relationship with Him first and foremost.

5. He will probably want you to ‘lay down’ your agenda and ‘fleshly’ understanding of relationships. He will no doubt enable a process of cleansing from previous relationships and attitudes.

6. But, it’s all absolutely worth it!

If you are new to the church and you have – understandably – desires for a mate then remember the ‘new order’ in relationship- God first then others.

Incidentally, the lady I took a shine to when I first came to the church eventually became my wife. It wasn’t through any of my ‘wooing’ nor cleverness. The Lord could only bring us together after I’d laid down all aspirations of anything other than ‘friendship’. In other words, God had to be in control – not me!

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The Promises of God

Christian LIfe Coaching is about taking God at His Word; doing what He say’s we can do; and believing Him for what He has promised.

If He promises anything in His Word then we have a right to believe and receive it, by faith in our lives. If it be His will in Heaven then it is His will on Earth.

677px-ErdbeerkuchenSomewhere in the Bible there is a promise from God to meet your every need.

If, for example, you are in need of healing in your body; by faith in the finished work of the Cross of Calvary Jesus has taken upon Himself all our sickness and diseases “ – by whose stripes you were healed.” (Scrip: 1 Peter 24)

But you say: ‘I’ve tried all that prayer for healing thing! I’ve had people pray for me from all corners of the World and yet I’m still ill! I’ve had people prophesy over me; I’ve even felt better on occasions. I have healing scriptures in front of me day and night; and I use them as a weapon against the Devil!”

That’s truly great! God has certainly heard your prayer’s and has read your petitions. It isn’t that He is ignoring you. He truly wants you well. So what are we to do…?

Let me tell you about my own healing journey concerning CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I’ve come to recognise there is a small but crucial truth to understand. And that is: Prayer, in itself, does not heal! It is Faith that heals!

It is having faith in what Jesus Christ has already done for us at the Cross of Calvary. At the Cross He took upon Himself all our sins and the effects of sin, such as sickness and disease: “Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows … And by His stripes we are healed.” (Scrip. Isaiah 53:5)

We need to know it in our Heart!

Jesus is now alive and is living in our heart’s by faith. ‘In Him’ we are new creations; saved by grace. And just like Jesus, we don’t get ill!

When we know this truth in our hearts, by faith, then the truth of the Gospel of grace will make us free. But, you may ask, why does the heart need to be involved? It’s my leg that hurts! The answer is that: ‘The heart drives our life!’ What we believe in our heart is what we manifest in our life:” For as a he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov 23:7)

We are totally reliant upon Christ’s resurrection power in our life – by faith! For… “In Christ I am delivered from my destructions and healed of my diseases.” This is the Truth that makes us free.

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Biblical Keys to Breakthrough!

“The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.” (2 Samuel 5:20)

 ‘Breakthrough’ serves as a dramatic picture of what the Lord would want for us. In this context I am encouraged to do whatever it takes to bring about ‘Breakthrough’ in my life. I desire to lay hold of all that Christ Jesus has laid hold of me – including the promises of healing, wholeness, peace, prosperity and good success.

Biblical Breakthrough is exactly what I need!

 Here are my 7 Keys to ‘Breakthrough!’

Biblical Breakthrough!

Biblical Breakthrough!

1. Jesus has already provided me with every good and perfect gift through the finished work of the Cross. He has ‘Broken through’ on my behalf.

2. I enter into Biblical ‘Breakthrough’ by grace, through faith in Him alone not by might, not by power but by His Spirit.

3. I ask the Father for the gift of grace I need to enable me to stand and stand and stand in faith.

4. I affirm my position of ‘Breakthrough’ – In Christ with praise, prayer, fasting, tongues and worship.

5. I position myself in faith; checking for any confusion, sin or ungodly beliefs.

6. I ‘Stand still’ – in faith – and wait expectantly for the Salvation of the Lord God who is with me, to come through.

7. I thank Him and keep thanking Him; never doubting what I have asked for He is able to complete.

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The Battle Belongs to the Lord!

God’s instructions to defeating the enemy. (2 Chronicles 20)

The Problem – A great multitude came against the people of God to destroy them! Jehoshaphat, the then King of Judah, was terrified and set himself to seek the Lord.  In the natural, God’s people did not stand a chance against such a formidable force.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord


How about you…? Do you know that  awful fear of defeat, where you just can’t see your way through? If so, here are some valuable keys from this amazing Chapter of the Bible. It will help you win your own battles for the Lord!

  1. God’s people gathered to ask help from the Lord
  2. They prayed for help. Then King Jehoshaphat stood before the people and spelt out the potentially tragic plight of God’s people.
  3. He prayed to God, reminding Him of His Divine power and justice; and of the many victories He’d won for His chosen people, the Israelites, in the past.
  4. Jehoshophat reminded God that they had built for Him a sanctuary of worship in their Land; and that God had already promised His people that no disaster would befall them.
  5. Jehoshophat spelt out the enormity of the enemy coming against them – an enemy Israel would have defeated long ago had God not told them to spare them.
  6. With a hint of rebuke, King Jehoshophat reminded God that if He had permitted them to destroy the enemy they would not be facing this enormous crisis now!
  7. Jeshoshophat did, however, insist that their eyes were on God alone for their salvation.
  8. They waited prayerfully for a response
  9. Finally, the prophetic Word of the Lord came to Jehoshophat “Do not be afraid of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s! Position yourselves, stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord, who is with you.” 
  10. Delighted with God’s prophetic Word, they worshipped the Lord and praised Him with voices loud and high! The next morning as as they went out to meet with the enemy, Jehoshophat stood and said: Hear me, O Judah, and you inhabitants of Israel: Believe in the Lord God and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” 
  11. Jehoshophat appointed singers to go out before the enemy army; they sang: “Praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever.”
  12. As they sang, God set ambushes against their enemies and they were utterly defeated. Remember this is without Jehoshophat’s army lifting a single sword! Meanwhile God’s people stripped the enemy of their abundant valuables and precious jewelry. Job done!

If you are facing a mighty enemy in any area of your life, be it physically, mentally or spiritually; please remember these dynamic Key’s to Breakthrough. They worked for Jehoshophat and they will work for you!

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Surviving the Storms of Life

Before you make a move of faith; a change of direction, a new home, a new country – make sure you have heard from the Lord on the matter. Let that be your reason for making the move and not simply your own desire.

Storms of Life

Storms of Life

Here are some helpful tips to Surviving the Storms of Life and help get you to the other side!

 1. Don’t go it alone. You are going to need  help: someone to be accountable to – a Life Coach, a Mentor, a trusted friend. It is a lonely journey all on your own and you will be vulnerable to attack!

 2. Keep praying. The Enemy will be out to resist your plans.

 3. When the storms come, remember your initial inspiration to making a move of faith. If it was truly from the Lord, you will surely be tempted. BUT, don’t give up!

 4. Rebuke the storms! Command the wind to be still in Jesus’ Name! And keep declaring the Truth that you will reach the goal of your dream. Why? Because Jesus said you would!

 5. Remember you cannot have faith and fear working at the same time. There has to be a quality decision to serve only faith – without wavering!

 6. But, you might ask: “why does everything has to be so difficult? Why can’t we just cross over to the other side without resistance?”

 7. The answer to the above is that it is not so much the ‘crossing over to the other side’ that is the issue, but what  we need to become in the process. The Lord is looking for OVERCOMES for all Eternity!

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