How to be Blessed in your Christian Journey

The Christian Life is a journey of greater and greater discovery and adventure- the journey of a Lifetime you could say. Here are some keys to help you on the way.
The Journey of a Lifetime

Jesus say’s “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Scrip; John 14:6)

With so much competing for our attentions these days it is very easy to get our eyes off the purpose for our journey which is – to know Jesus more!

So, here are some Biblical ‘keys’ to help you on your way.

1. Be filled with the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit. Welcome Him, honour Him and follow Him.

2. Study The Map Book of Life – ‘The Holy Bible’. There you will find the quickest  and most effective route to reaching your Destination ‘In Christ’ Jesus.

3, Let go of where you’ve been and keep your eyes on where you are going.

4. Have your lights shining and your indicators clearly illuminating your direction, so that others know where you are going.

5. Let go of where you have been and embrace where you are now. Always ready to move on as and when The Holy Spirit directs.

6. Ensure your exhaust is removing toxic syptoms of stress etc.

7. Your Speed, not too fast so as not to enjoy the journey and not too slow so as to endanger others.

8. Regular maintenance and cleaning so as to shine and radiate Jesus.

Enjoy your Journey!

Written by Peter j Foster – Christian Life Coach: UK, USA, Global

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Help I’m a Christian and I’m Stuck!

Firstly let me tell you, you are not alone!


                          “Help, I’m Stuck!”

As a Christian Life Coach I get numerous folk wanting to move forward in various aspects of their life, but find themselves Stuck!

They have plans to pursue new careers, to take up hobbies, fitness regimes or become more involved in their church, expressing the Gifts and Talents God has graced them with.

Their intentions are honourable; but meanwhile the Enemy of our soul is rubbing his hands in absolute glee to see God’s people paralysed by such inaction!

I should know; I’ve been there…

I did however discover that the solution to my ‘Stuck-ness!’ was not to dig around trying to undo all the strands leading to ‘Stuck-ness!’ but instead – to dig around in my own soul to find whether Jesus, The Word, is in control and that I am living my life through Him and Him and not Me! Now there’s a challenge!

The Bible put’s it this way –

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave His life for me.”  Galatians, 3:3

The Lord know’s exactly what He wants for each one of us. It is only through living by faith in Him that we know His perfect will and purpose for our lives.

Bottom line …. He’s not stuck and neither are we – In Him.

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Surviving the Storms of Life

Before you make a move of faith; a change of direction, a new home, a new country – make sure you have heard from the Lord on the matter. Let that be your reason for making the move and not simply your own desire.

Storms of Life

Storms of Life

Here are some helpful tips to Surviving the Storms of Life and help get you to the other side!

 1. Don’t go it alone. You are going to need  help: someone to be accountable to – a Life Coach, a Mentor, a trusted friend. It is a lonely journey all on your own and you will be vulnerable to attack!

 2. Keep praying. The Enemy will be out to resist your plans.

 3. When the storms come, remember your initial inspiration to making a move of faith. If it was truly from the Lord, you will surely be tempted. BUT, don’t give up!

 4. Rebuke the storms! Command the wind to be still in Jesus’ Name! And keep declaring the Truth that you will reach the goal of your dream. Why? Because Jesus said you would!

 5. Remember you cannot have faith and fear working at the same time. There has to be a quality decision to serve only faith – without wavering!

 6. But, you might ask: “why does everything has to be so difficult? Why can’t we just cross over to the other side without resistance?”

 7. The answer to the above is that it is not so much the ‘crossing over to the other side’ that is the issue, but what  we need to become in the process. The Lord is looking for OVERCOMES for all Eternity!

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“Be Not Afraid!”

I have realised, over the recent years, that all my problems stem from fears.

To some extent fear appears to be part and parcel of my human condition. In fact, I’d go as far to say that fear is the basic driving force of many of my thought and actions. Even in writing this article I recognise that I’m using ‘fear’ as a means of grabbing your attention – a habit I developed over my years of writing advertising copy.

Fear sells! You know the sort of fear-grabbing ploys: We’re not rich enough! We’re not happy enough! We’re not accepted enough! We’re not secure enough! The list goes on and on…

So where did all this fear come from in the first place?

The Bible tells us in the Book of Genesis that Adam and Eve were afraid because God had apprehended their transgression in taking from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. To protect them, God drove them out of the security of the Garden should they live forever in the Garden in that state of fear!

Which brings us pretty much to the present day; other than the wonderful truth that there is now a way out of the condition of fear in this lifetime. For God had already promised Adam and Eve that He would send a Saviour to deliver us from evil. His name is Jesus!

When we hide ourselves in Jesus we are hiding ourselves in the Father’s love; for His perfect love drives out all fear! In other words God’s love is the antidote to fear; “Fear Not!”

But how do we apply this amazing truth? The problem is I have issues in my life that are screaming:
“Be afraid! Be very afraid!”

There’s a whole lot of stuff out there demanding my human pre-disposition towards fear! There’s the Recession, job losses, terrorism, ill health, etc, etc…

But what does the Word of God say about fear? How do we live in freedom from fear? Well, apart from the fact that I have a promise that one day every tear will be dried from my eyes when I reach Heaven, there are many Scriptures that guide me towards living a fear-free life. My personal favourite is found in 2 Chronicles 20.

This is a passage of Scripture I have lived in for many years; in fact beginning when I was struck down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. The Scripture chronicles the events of God’s people under the reign of King Jehosophat who suddenly found themselves faced with mighty armies of the Philistines moving in to destroy them. They didn’t stand a chance – such was the size and power of the aggressors.

And so the people of God sought the Lord, in desperation, for an answer.

Finally the word of the Lord came to them through the Prophets. They we told to not fear the mighty armies coming against them but to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord God who was with them.

For me this passage of scripture has provided a ‘Scriptural checklist’ to ensure victory over my enemies of ill health.

1. They were told to not be afraid nor dismayed for the Lord their God was with them.

2. They were commanded to go down against the enemy but that they would not need to fight the battle.

3. They were told to ‘position themselves’ – which I take to mean asking God why the enemy is there in the first place; and then deal with any known sin that might have ‘opened a door’ to the attack!

4. They were instructed to ‘stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord God who is with them.’

5. Again, they were told not to be afraid!

6. They were commanded to believe what the Lord’s Prophets would say to them in this situation.

7. They were then instructed to praise the Lord, ‘for His mercy endures forever.’

8. Finally, through the Prophets, God told them that He alone would set ambushes against the enemy so as to defeat them!

9. They assembled and Blessed the Lord with thanks.

10. The Israelites became filled with joy as they celebrated the victory that was already won BY FAITH. And through their faith,the Lord was able to confuse the armies into destroying each other.

The battle was won through God’s goodness alone. They didn’t have to lift a finger – only their hands in praise!

My question is, where are the areas in your life that would benefit from such fearless faith?
I pray that you would seek God’s Word to hear what He has to say about your situation and give you the grace to praise Him for the answer.

Copyright May 2011