Relationship with God the Father



‘Living in faith’.
I have called myself a Believer with great passion. I minister to folk who need Coaching in areas of Parenting, Gifts, Talents, Career and Relationships.
Suffice to say I am a committed Christian and am often called upon for my prophetic words, prophetic songs and prayers for the sick.
But, after all these years I cannot say that I have a proper relationship with my Heavenly Father.
I go through the motions and get great Spiritual breakthroughs with Him. I meditate upon the Bible and can recite passages from proverbs and Psalms.
But after many years trying to know the Lord more clearly, I have concluded I have something of an ‘Orphan Spirit’.
I grew up a loner and lived as a single man for many years. Inevitably I took my loneliness to the workplace, and to the family and finally to the church..
To my surprise, when I became a Christian I witnessed many other orphans both in and out side the church.
The only cure I’ve found to this loneliness is through ‘Relationship’ This is the missing key to isolation; not only in the church but in the office, shop, family and fellowship.
The Relationship I am speaking of is of a continual stream of Father’s love.
Speaking to Him in our inner man, thanking Him, glad of His presence, help, encouragement and confidence – all being received by faith.
Continual communication with the Father in this way develops a strong and meaningful Prayer life.
The relationship that develops is as a father/mother relationship whereby we know He is with us and we can refer to Him continually.
No more an Orphan/son or Daughter.

Everything is Beautiful

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Beautiful Whale

Beautiful Whale

Imagine seeing only the best in people, the best in situations and the best in life!!

Imagine seeing the whole of life through the eyes of Jesus; seeing the world as His redeemed Creation.

How He loves everyone; each of us made in His image and His likeness. How He took upon Himself the terrible effects of the Curse and the Fall, so that we might see and know only God’s Beauty and Love!

Yes, God hates sin in its’ every wicked manifestation. But His heart response is to lay all sin and the punishment for sin onto His Dear Son Jesus, so that we may see only His Beauty and Redemption.

God is so eager, it seems; so willing ‘to turn the other cheek’ where sin is concerned that He wants only to see the potential for goodness in your life.

To try illustrate this point, I remember many years ago watching from a distance a Whale washed up on the beach close to where I used to live.

It was a surreal scene for sure; and highly disturbing! It did however tell another story.

From my position, quite a distance from the whale, the scene had a tangible beauty. With the sunlight shimmering like cut glass on the mill-like calm of the retreating tide; the great body of the grey whale lay majestic-like in its’ ceremonious final destination.

Many people gathered at a respectful distance from the Whale; some with hands clasped over their mouth and yet others visibly crying!

When finally the ‘Authorities’ arrived, they drew great leather straps under the Whale and pulled it solemnly in to deeper water.

Streams of blood flowed into the gentle lapping of waves, and the whole scene was as though bathed in a silvery grey and red as we approached dusk.

It was truly a beautiful scene; one of love triumphing over evil! BUT how can something so tragic be so beautifull?

Humbled by the reverence of loosing one of God’s giants of the sea, I retreated with a heavy heart to the car park. I sat in the car wiping tears from my eyes; not so much for the loss of one God’s mighty creatures; but for the magnificence of our Heavenly Father who is so utterly and extravagantly beautiful. It seems He just cannot help redeeming any experience so as to reveal His Glory!

Your life and my life is beautiful and valuable to God the Father. No matter what we’ve done or who you are, He has made provision for each of us all know only His pure Love.

Even though we may at times feel our life is ‘all washed up’ we can be certain that Jesus has taken all the hurts, horrors and torments of our life upon Himself. So that when we confess Him as Lord and Saviour, He turns our darkness and fear into a scene of true beauty. Just like the picture of the Whale, so God will radiate beauty from your life.

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