“What Do You Want?”

The Key To Power is Desire! 

If you don’t know what you want, you will probably end up either doing nothing or doing what others want you to do; which maybe ok, or not!

The Key to your Future BlessingsBy default our wants and needs will gravitate towards the easy option; for example, staying in that low paid job, Ministry, Church, Relationship etc,. even though we may be wanting more out of our relationship with the Lord.

What are we to do then in oder to fulfil that sense of purpose and destiny in our hearts?

On the one hand we don’t want to behave in a presumptuous manner , but on the other hand neither do we want to miss it!

In the Book of Mark: 10.51, Jesus asked His Disciples a simple question –  “What do you want me to do for you?  Until our desire’s come from the heart they have no power to fulfil our purpose.

Although Jesus would have known the answer to His own question, He needed His Disciples to speak out loud what they’d heard Him say. Similarly He’s waiting for us too!



The Benefits of Waiting on The Lord


“But those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Effortless Progress…

Have you noticed there are people with all kinds of challenging situations going on in their lives and yet they are not dragged down to a lower level of fear. On the contrary, they seem to be positively soaring above their circumstances.

Could it be that they’ve learned to emulate the wisdom of the Eagle – soaring above the high places of world; connecting with the thermals that will take them even higher and higher! A place of effortless mastery.

It is from this place of dominance that the Eagle plummet’s from a great hight to pluck from the skies it’s unsuspecting Pray. In no time at all it’s all over!

So what can we learn from the Wisdom of the Eagles?

Your ‘Thermal’ is a place of authority and grace. It is clearly the place of your anointing and  Gifts. Your ‘Thermal’ could well be for Worship – songs flowing from your heart to the congregation. Your ‘Thermal’ could be for ‘Leadership – encouraging and provoking. Your “Thermal’ Could even be for ‘Finances’ ‘Prayer for Healing, ‘Prophetic Songs’ and for ‘Correction and Rebuke!’

No matter what your Gifting, In Christ you will soar like Wings as Eagles.


Hidden with Christ.

The Key to Relationship with God.

images-2Many years ago I asked my Bank Manager if I could deposit a small collection of Gold Coins in to their Safe.

There was a small fee involved but well worth it compared to the cost of losing the collection.

I asked the man at the Bank how they hid treasured items, such as my small collection of coins. He began to reassure me that the coins would be perfectly safe in the care of the Bank, (not that I was in any way doubting him.) He continued to enlighten me as to how they store precious items in the Safe. Apparently what they do is to put the precious items into a locked drawer within the Safe – (be it jewelry, documents or whatever); which would itself be locked inside a drawer; all of which would be further protected in the bolted Safe.

Pretty safe I’d say! In fact just like your highly protected relationship with God the Father.

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How To Develop Life Coaching in your Church.

“One of the reasons that coaching is showing phenomenal returns on investment is the simple dynamic of having another person believe in you and moving alongside you with that belief.” Jesus Life Coach, by laurie Beth Jones, p 24.

Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold

1. What is Christian Coaching.

Life Coaching for the Christian Leader is a desire to see every Church Member as precious gold, given by God, to shine in their particular gifting; and to prosper for His Kingdom.

2. Leadership Teams in their various areas of Church activity would learn to apply basic Coaching Skills to Team Members. The objective being to help extract gifts and talents laying buried – as it were – on the inside of those being Coached, so that they might shine for the Lord on the Outside.

3. In-House professional Training would be offered to Leaders and Heads of Departments. To include: Home Group Leaders, Youth Leaders, Musician Leaders – for the purpose of recognising, developing and encouraging latent Talent.

4. Leaders would, in turn, use their learned Coaching Skills, within their own areas of influence, for the purpose of identifying and developing potential talent; together with meeting defined goals and targets within their particular ‘calling’.

5. Ministries, Outreach Teams and various Teams sent out by the church, with established targets and mission statements, would benefit from accountablility to achieving targets (plus re-setting of targets if necessary) and for having a Coach Leader to encourage and increase their motivation and self-confidence.

6. Having someone come alongside you can be of great benefit (for example please study how Barnabus encouraged his ‘Team’ Acts 4:36). By encouraging and challenging others Barnabus empowered them for Ministry. However, change does not occur because of good Coaching techniques nor by strong will-power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

7. Differentiate between Coaching and Counseling. Understand that some issues in peoples’ lives may need counseling rather than Coaching.

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Everything is Beautiful

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Beautiful Whale

Beautiful Whale

Imagine seeing only the best in people, the best in situations and the best in life!!

Imagine seeing the whole of life through the eyes of Jesus; seeing the world as His redeemed Creation.

How He loves everyone; each of us made in His image and His likeness. How He took upon Himself the terrible effects of the Curse and the Fall, so that we might see and know only God’s Beauty and Love!

Yes, God hates sin in its’ every wicked manifestation. But His heart response is to lay all sin and the punishment for sin onto His Dear Son Jesus, so that we may see only His Beauty and Redemption.

God is so eager, it seems; so willing ‘to turn the other cheek’ where sin is concerned that He wants only to see the potential for goodness in your life.

To try illustrate this point, I remember many years ago watching from a distance a Whale washed up on the beach close to where I used to live.

It was a surreal scene for sure; and highly disturbing! It did however tell another story.

From my position, quite a distance from the whale, the scene had a tangible beauty. With the sunlight shimmering like cut glass on the mill-like calm of the retreating tide; the great body of the grey whale lay majestic-like in its’ ceremonious final destination.

Many people gathered at a respectful distance from the Whale; some with hands clasped over their mouth and yet others visibly crying!

When finally the ‘Authorities’ arrived, they drew great leather straps under the Whale and pulled it solemnly in to deeper water.

Streams of blood flowed into the gentle lapping of waves, and the whole scene was as though bathed in a silvery grey and red as we approached dusk.

It was truly a beautiful scene; one of love triumphing over evil! BUT how can something so tragic be so beautifull?

Humbled by the reverence of loosing one of God’s giants of the sea, I retreated with a heavy heart to the car park. I sat in the car wiping tears from my eyes; not so much for the loss of one God’s mighty creatures; but for the magnificence of our Heavenly Father who is so utterly and extravagantly beautiful. It seems He just cannot help redeeming any experience so as to reveal His Glory!

Your life and my life is beautiful and valuable to God the Father. No matter what we’ve done or who you are, He has made provision for each of us all know only His pure Love.

Even though we may at times feel our life is ‘all washed up’ we can be certain that Jesus has taken all the hurts, horrors and torments of our life upon Himself. So that when we confess Him as Lord and Saviour, He turns our darkness and fear into a scene of true beauty. Just like the picture of the Whale, so God will radiate beauty from your life.

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10 powerful questions to enhance your Christian Life!

If you have signed up or are considering signing up for a Free & No Obligation Trial Coaching Session, please think about the following questions – related to your Christian Life.

Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching

1. List your highest values – such as: Faithfulness, Honesty etc.

2. What, in life, are you most grateful for?

3. Do you like to teach – or tell others – what you know?

4. List your identifiable God-given Gifts and Talents.

5. What is your favorite Gift or Talent?

6. How do you best connect with God; for example:  in Worship, Praise, Speaking and/or meditating on His Word, Prayer, Journalling, Teaching, Speaking engagements, Artistic Expression, Ministering to others?

7. If you were God, what would you do with your life here on Earth?

8. What would be your biggest regrets if you did not fulfil what God has for you?

9. What can you do right now to ensure you don’t live with regrets?

10. Within reason, are you committed to do whatever it takes to fulfill your God-given Destiny?

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