Arise Godly Father Figures in the Church

When we are not affirmed by a Godly ‘father figure’, life can be an up-hill struggle.

God the Father ordained that man should not be alone, but be placed in families where mutual trust and encouragement would be the norm. Our value and worth is related to what we do and how we are nurtured within the context of ‘Family’.

And yet as the very fabric of ‘families in society’ wears so thin, even fathers are now relinquishing their traditional and God made roles of authority and affirmation.

Increasingly marriages are breaking down and children and young adults are growing up without a strong concept of ‘fathering’. It is truly amazing what people can do when they know the strength of a father figure rooting for them.

So, my call is Arise, ‘father figures’ in the church and let us make a positive move to re-dress the balance.”  

Hidden with Christ.

The Key to Relationship with God.

images-2Many years ago I asked my Bank Manager if I could deposit a small collection of Gold Coins in to their Safe.

There was a small fee involved but well worth it compared to the cost of losing the collection.

I asked the man at the Bank how they hid treasured items, such as my small collection of coins. He began to reassure me that the coins would be perfectly safe in the care of the Bank, (not that I was in any way doubting him.) He continued to enlighten me as to how they store precious items in the Safe. Apparently what they do is to put the precious items into a locked drawer within the Safe – (be it jewelry, documents or whatever); which would itself be locked inside a drawer; all of which would be further protected in the bolted Safe.

Pretty safe I’d say! In fact just like your highly protected relationship with God the Father.

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Christian Dating

My ‘Christian Dating’ Testimony

Christian Dating

This is my story of finding love in the church. ‘Christian Dating’ It could be yours too!

Before I was Christian – some 19 years ago – I was in and out of relationships, each one generally ending traumatically. It wasn’t the fault of my incumbent partner; it was simply because neither of us knew Christ and we were consequently tossed too and fro upon the stormy sea’s of indecision, fears and temptations.

We didn’t stand a chance!

Upon coming to the Lord, I felt to abstain from all female relationships. I kept myself chaste and set aside to do God’s will. In fact, I felt I was going through a process of deep cleansing of emotions and memories. Deep down I still had a desire for a mate; only this time a Christian mate. But what did I know about Christian Dating…?

Eventually I found myself part of a large group of single Christians, mostly my age and from my own church. We had parties, impromptu prayer meetings; day trips and coffee gatherings. My social life was on the up; but this time on Jesus’ terms!
The amazing thing is that, during all that time, the Lord enabled me to have a clean heart and right attitude to the very eligible young ladies in our group. Until that is… I had a dream about one the ladies…

Tall and slim with an inner calm and quietness this lady made me feel quite awkward in her company. Truth is I considered her far too perfect and Holy for me and I forced myself to keep my heart and head from thinking about her.

The next time I saw her I tried to discern whether there was any evidence of her “liking me” more than just …liking me! Perhaps a glint in her eye, looking at me in a different way; but ‘No’ there was none of it. In fact it seemed there was less of a relationship than before. And then to confirm my suspicions, she very gently told me one day out on a Group Picnic, there would be no relationship with her other than friendship! I completely abandoned any thoughts of “Romance” with her. My first attempt at ‘Christian Dating!’

So what did I learn about that experience that could well Christian Datinghelp benefit you?

1. The Christian way of Dating is not the same as the ‘World’s’ way!

2. If you were to come into the Kingdom of God looking for love, you could be disappointed.

3. God’s priorities are different to ours. He expects relationship with Him first and foremost.

5. He will probably want you to ‘lay down’ your agenda and ‘fleshly’ understanding of relationships. He will no doubt enable a process of cleansing from previous relationships and attitudes.

6. But, it’s all absolutely worth it!

If you are new to the church and you have – understandably – desires for a mate then remember the ‘new order’ in relationship- God first then others.

Incidentally, the lady I took a shine to when I first came to the church eventually became my wife. It wasn’t through any of my ‘wooing’ nor cleverness. The Lord could only bring us together after I’d laid down all aspirations of anything other than ‘friendship’. In other words, God had to be in control – not me!

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