Question: Why Life Coaching in the Body of Christ..?

Because ‘Christian Life Coaching ‘build’s and maintains Motivation for the Journey!..

The Bible exhorts us to pursue Vision; for without Vision, God’s people perish!

Coaching is about growing & encouraging ‘momentum!’ Helping people learn, rather than telling them!

In the future, those who are not Coach’s will not be promoted. Why? Because Coaching is about ‘Growth & Vision.

So, it’s time to let go of those things behind and ‘press’ toward the Goal for the prize of God’s Calling on Our life.

Are you ready for Change, Believer?

Why not make this year the year to make changes.

Look to your heart. What do you want to see happening in the year ahead. What can you choose to put your faith to?

My personal New Year’s challenge is to see people differently; not to see them as they seem to be or as people see them but to see them as God see’s them! And hopefully – eventually – as they would desire to see them selves.

As far as Father God is concerned He see’s each one of us precious in His sight; each of us has a plan and purpose to fulfil. A plan that gives us value and esteem. What a tragedy that so many of us can completely miss God’s Plan for our life.

So, where you think you may have missed your High Calling, remember God say’s He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Meanwhile I have decided to place on my heart one or two people to pray for this year. And to see them as God see’s them.

Peter j Foster


Biblical Restoration – it’s about enjoying the Journey.


Not long after becoming a Christian, the Lord showed me in a dream that it was as though I’d been rescued from the ‘scrap heap’ of life, and just like a ‘Classic Car’ I’d been given a new identity! In truth I’d been given a new lease of life: I’d been born again into a family of ‘exclusive Classics’ – the Body of Christ.

And so my journey of Christian Restoration began.

Amazingly I was now considered to be something of great value, a new creation in Christ Jesus and it hadn’t cost me a penny! But, there was work to do.
I needed to go through a complete process of restoration – getting rid of what had been lost due to sin and the effects of The Fall! In fact, I was to become something I’d never been in ‘the natural’ – nor would ever have been! I was to return to what God had planned for me from before the beginning of time – a brand New Creation in Christ Jesus!

Christian Restoration, however, is no joy ride! It is painstakingly slow, can hurt the ego, challenge our perceptions and offend our self centredness. No matter how we try to speed things up, God does not do a quick ‘codge-up’ job on our lives. He is a perfectionist and knows exactly what we are truly like – made in His image and likeness. He wants only that we be Blessed so that we can give Him all the Glory.

The first thing I found was that God gave me a new ‘Motor’ – a new Drive if you will. I was no longer to be driven by fear, performance or pride, but by His love alone.

The Lord began to show me my foundations were rotten – just like the foundations of an old car. He gave me a new ‘Galvanised Stainless Steel Chassis’ – the foundation of His Word, which was to become the ‘bedrock’ of every other Grace.

What followed was the beginning of a work of Restoration on my nervous system. I felt He was re-wiring my entire life with His power, love and His peace and Christian mind renewal.

He gave me new headlights, so to speak, that I might see more clearly where I’m going. He also gave me new Indicators so others might see where I’m going too, and may even want to follow me!

I received a new exhaust system so as to release toxic waste more efficiently: the toxins of hurts, fears, anger and bitterness.
I received a new water-cooling system to help maintain a constant Spiritual temperature; and fresh oil, the Oil of His Spirit – together with regular oil/filter changes to keep me well lubricated and the Gifting flowing.

He gave me a new upholstered interior so that I might feel comfortable with my new identity in Christ Jesus. And a new paint job so that even people around might see the difference!

He gave me a new Map Book and Instruction Manual, to be found in prayer and praise, that I might understand where it is He wants me to go and how to get there.

And finally He gave me a new ‘badge’ – His ‘Marque’ of quality – the Name of Jesus; the Name that would symbolise forever my pedigree and esteem as a new creation in His Kingdom.

Christian Restoration takes time and persistence. A skillful Christian Life Coach will help with discovering who you truly are in Christ Jesus, and will travel the journey of restoration with you. This truly is Christian Restoration!

The Bible say’s “Two are better than one.” Sometimes we simply need each other in the process of Sanctification for the Lord.

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Peter j Foster. Copyright 2015

The True Value Of Talents & Gifts In The Christian Church

A ‘Talent’ was a measure of worth in New Testament times. Their intrinsic value was based upon the fact they were made of either Gold or Silver.

They were used to purchase goods and services, in the same way use coins today.

 As New Testament Believers we each have been given value and worth in our God given Gifts and Talent, as a means of ‘purchasing’ as it were, the Kingdom of Heaven. It takes time and money to Evangelise and to build churches and to train Leaders.

We must be diligent to seek out those who have a passion to train and mentor future leaders, Creative Artists, Singers, Financiers, Entrepreneurs and Ministries.

We need Talent Spotters and opportunities to train talent.

There is so much Gold in ‘them-there-Hills” (our churches and house groups) and it’s up to each one of us to Mine it and use it.

Please read Matthew 25:14

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How can Christian Life Coaching benefit me?

Ten good reasons for Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

1. Everyone is going somewhere. Christian Life Coaching helps you be deliberate as to where exactly you want to go.

2. Then helping you get to where you want to be through tried and tested Coaching skills.

3.The process aims to stimulate thoughts and ideas through patient questioning, active listening and prayerful reflection.

4. Resultant thoughts are translated into motivation by the promise and effective envisioning of the great benefits that can be achieved.

5. Working with a Life Coach increases the likelihood of reaching your desired level of success by 95%

6. A Life Coach will help you recognise and build upon your strengths. He will hold you accountable to implementing your plans – but without telling you what to do

7. Life Coaching encourages and enhances the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives so as to promote change, healing, sanctification and improved relationships.

8. Someone walking with you to – help look into your life – can be of great value in making changes for the better.

9. A Life Coach is someone who walks alongside a person for a season of life, and Coaches him or her through their desired changes and plans. A Life Coach promotes growth.

10. We are each called to live Holy lives and to engage in the process of sanctification. But we must remember that change does not ultimately occur because of good Coaching techniques nor strong willpower, but because of the work of the Holy Spirit.

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God’s New Year Plan For Your Life

If you were to acquire a new ‘Open-Plan’ Office Space you would probably seek an Interior Designer to plan it out to suit all your needs."Plans to prosper you..."
An Interior Designer has much experience in understanding your needs and will work with you from your ‘scribbled notes’ and verbal brief to produce something wholly functional and attractive. When we find that kind of relationship we know that we have found something special! And what a comfort it is to know that we are being cared for!

So, at the beginning of this new year why not invite Jesus, The ‘Eternal Designer’ of your life to make something special – even beautiful – of your Career, Relationships, Talents and Gifts.

It only requires for you to let Him in. You will need to give Him an outline Brief of what you would like to achieve with your God-given talents and gifts this coming year. And then prayerfully release it to the Lord. Why not personalise this prayer to help you get started –

“Heavenly Father, I thank You for the plans You have for me, to prosper me … to give me a hope and a future. I ask that this year You will show me the way to go and give me the grace to lay hold of all that you have laid hold of me. Amen!”

If you would like a prayer of agreement please contact me Here. Simply give me an outline of your prayer request and I will pray in agreement with you.

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Seeing is Believing

         God’s recipe for successful living is found in the following Scripture.

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success.” (Joshua 1:8) 

The Word of God is the source of all prosperous Christian Living. God wants us to prosper and to have good success in every area of life. And as we meditate on His Word say, on the subject of healing, we begin to voice out loud our faith, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34)

The very act of confessing out loud God’s Word and meditating in our hearts His will for us, produces pictures within our heart, for… “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov. 3:7)

What we believe about ourselves will come to pass – both for good and for evil. This is why the Lord told us in the Bible to… “Choose life.” (Deut. 30:19) This is the fulness of life the Lord promises to all who do according to all that is written in His Book of Life: The Bible.

I remember my sister, as a young Christian, would draw pictures of the house she would live in when she was older. The house was always grand, beautifully decorated, sumptuous gardens and with cosy enticing rooms.

This is the exact house she now lives in! And is very happy. The truth is, what she meditated on, believed in and spoke out from her heart, came to pass! And it will do for you too!

Would you like help in making God’s Dreams come true? It could do with Relationships, Talents, Career, Ministry, Gifts, Finances.

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Using Your Spiritual Gifts

A Symphony of Praise!

Article from a teaching by Stewart Keiller; Pastor Bath City Church, UK


Bringing Heaven to Earth is the very ministry of Jesus that releases the Kingdom of God.

As co-heirs of Jesus we are exhorted to stir up our Spiritual Gifts of God within us, (2 Timothy 1:6) and to step out in the authority we have been given.

The  power of the Cross has brought Heaven to Earth. Jesus now shares all authority and power with the church, and we the Church now release the very nature of God through the Spiritual gifts of Grace we share.

The emphasis is not so much on the power of the Gifts, but the authority and the Spiritual power that is given to us – ‘In His Name.’ And as we use our authority to the measure God has given us, so we release the very sound of Heaven. As a ‘Symphony of Praise’ with many instruments creating a diversity of sound we are united in gloryfying God – and united in relationship with one an an other.

It is the Holy Spirit who decides which Spiritual Gift we each are given. Our part is to present our bodies as living sacrifices; to hand over our minds to God and be willing to do His perfect will through the Spiritual Gifts He gives us.

God has a purpose for each one of us. It is only through an honest evaluation of our lives that we find our part in the Body of Christ and what God is doing throughout the World.

(Written from a teaching by Stewart Keiller, Bath City Church UK, October 2013)

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Coaching your Hidden Talents

How to identify and encourage Christian Gifts and Talents in yourself and others.

We each have God-given talents to use but how many of us actually know what they are and whether they would they be accepted anyway.

There is a fear within the Body of Christ that causes deep wounds, frustration and sometimes a ‘falling away’ from Fellowship. All too often talents and gifts are not noticed.
Not surprisingly many have shut down to any passion they might have had to express their God-given talents. They tried and tried and finally gave up!

The Lord makes it very clear in the Gospels that He wants us to ‘Invest’ into the Kingdom the talents he has given us. This is God’s means of producing Increase.

But how do we do it? And would our talents be accepted anyway?

Firstly, we have to know what talents we have before we can utilise them in the Kingdom. So, lets take the ‘Talents Test.’ Please answer the following questions:

* What do you love doing?
* What are you most interested in?
* What came naturally to you as a child?
* What are your parents talents? (This may give you a clue as to what yours are.)
* Who’s talents do you admire, desire – or even envy!?
* Ask a close friend what they would say is your natural gifting and talents.
* What talents have you deliberately shutdown through fear of failure, not being accepted or disappointment?

As Christian church goers we desire, of course, to express our talents within the Body of Christ. But, alas they are not always needed or acknowledged.
So firstly, we must decide to not confine ourselves to the church setting. We can practise and ‘hone’ our crafts outside the church: amongst friends and family, or within our home-groups.

A lady in our church spent many years writing little prophetic notes to members of the church she felt the Lord speaking to. She was practising and honing her craft very discretely. A few years on she is a leader in the church and has a very powerful prophetic ministry. But, she was prepared to start small.

If your talent is for say song writing, you could try them out in your home group or amongst a few friends; maybe even ‘Busk’ them in the street or at ‘Open-Mike’ sessions in cafe’s or bars.

If your talent is for preaching or teaching the Bible, ask for a ‘slot’ in a small group setting before asking to lead a church meeting.

Also, why not find yourself a Mentor or Life Coach; someone who will encourage you to be the very best you can be.

These are all common sense strategies for not only trying out your talents but also for avoiding disappointment in being ‘turned-down’ in the church setting.

But whatever you do, do not hide your talents under a ‘Bushel.’ The world is very active in expressing their gifts and talents – so why not us?

What is your Passion?

Our passion is to do exploits for God.

Our passion has the same power that drove Jesus all the way to the Cross, to die for our sins.

Just think of the enormous challenges Jesus had to face in accomplishing His Goal of salvation for Mankind.

It was a challenge fraught with fears, trepidation – even doubt!

So how did Jesus do it? How did Jesus endure the shame of the Cross? He was rejected by his own people; criticised by the Religious Jews and was finally humiliated by hanging on a wooden cross.

The answer is: He endured the Cross because of the joy set before him.

His joy and fulfilment was to provide forgiveness of sins to all peoples of the world – not that we deserved it nor would many embrace his forgiveness, but he still went to the Cross to provide it.

His joy was to do the Father’s will.

It is only passion that will keep us going when the going gets tough.

Jesus never said it would be easy to fulfil God-given dreams and goals. There is a huge price to pay for success: it will take much of our time, money – even our reputation. But it will be worth it!

So how do we do it?

When I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour I received his passion into my heart. His passion is always for the lost, the hurting, the sick and the ‘unsaved.’

His passion is a Gift that will enable us to get the job done!

It is the gift that enables us to keep going in the face of resistance, persecution, rejection – even at the risk of our very life!

Yes, it’s a huge price to pay. But a higher price to pay is to deny the gift of passion and to live in subjection to our feelings by taking the easy way out! Yes it’s a safe place to live but a passionate-less place is a pointless place – and is to deny the greatest joy known to Mankind.

Next Bog: ‘Discover your Passion.’

Christian Success

Jesus asked the lame man at the Pool of Bathesda: “What do you want me to do for you?” It may have seemed obvious that he wanted to be heaed, but Jesus knew there was more than physical healing this man needed. Jesus saw his need for Salvation and that God had a unique plan and purpose to his life.

Jesus now asks the same question of you: What do you really want Jesus to do for you?

As Kingdom kids we know that God has a plan for us: to prosper us, to give us success – a hope and a future. He wants to give us His hearts’ desire – for how else are you going to glorify His Name. But HOW do you actually go about doing it?

As a Life Coach I ask my Christian clients the same question: “What do you really want?”

Rarely do I det a straight answer other than a general recongnition that there must be more to life than they are currently experiencing.

And so, a wonderful journey of ‘discovery’ takes place between me, the Coach, my client and the Father.

We begin to talk about dreams long since abandoned; ideas burried deep beneath the rubble of day to day living. Of memories of happy times when they were free to talk about how Jesus had changed their life: healed them, blessed them and inspired them with dreams of great adventures.

But somehow they’d grown ‘cold’; become uninspired, dissapointed – depressed even! Still going to church on Sunday’s and still doing all the right things; but the light had somehow grown dim! Success had eluded them.

Thankfully, the good news is that Jesus has not changed one bit. He still wants to express His Life Through you. He still has a great plan for your life. And all it takes is for someone to come along side you and push the right buttons to get you dreaming again.

A Christian Life Coach is trained to get right down to the source of your unique ‘You.’ To discover what makes you tick! What ‘light’s your fire’ and what you need to get those flames fanning again.

It is a process that, with your permission, brings your whole life under the microscope of the Holy Spirit. Not that He, nor the Life Coach, will push you to do anything you do not want to do. This is a process of nurturing, encouraging and discovery – all done at a pace that suits you.

You will find the secret to Christian success is the undertaking of small and managable tasks (or goals) – towards the goal of your destination. Like stepping stones, you only move forward as you feel able. There is no hurry, no pressure. Your motivation is the knowledge of the reward you will receive when you reach your goal.

So why not consider inviting a Christian Life Coach to partner with you in this momentous Journey. It is a journey that often begins with making a phone call or sending an email. The Christian Life Coach is already waiting for you and is praying for your great future. You won’t regret it!