How can Christian Life Coaching benefit me?

Ten good reasons for Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

Christian Life Coaching, The missing piece!

1. Everyone is going somewhere. Christian Life Coaching helps you be deliberate as to where exactly you want to go.

2. Then helping you get to where you want to be through tried and tested Coaching skills.

3.The process aims to stimulate thoughts and ideas through patient questioning, active listening and prayerful reflection.

4. Resultant thoughts are translated into motivation by the promise and effective envisioning of the great benefits that can be achieved.

5. Working with a Life Coach increases the likelihood of reaching your desired level of success by 95%

6. A Life Coach will help you recognise and build upon your strengths. He will hold you accountable to implementing your plans – but without telling you what to do

7. Life Coaching encourages and enhances the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives so as to promote change, healing, sanctification and improved relationships.

8. Someone walking with you to – help look into your life – can be of great value in making changes for the better.

9. A Life Coach is someone who walks alongside a person for a season of life, and Coaches him or her through their desired changes and plans. A Life Coach promotes growth.

10. We are each called to live Holy lives and to engage in the process of sanctification. But we must remember that change does not ultimately occur because of good Coaching techniques nor strong willpower, but because of the work of the Holy Spirit.

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A Coaching Culture in every Church

“During the 20 years of being a member of a local church, I have witnessed an abundance of Gifts and Talents not being used! The Heart of God burns for His people to be free to prosper: Spirit. Soul & Body.”

"The Heart of Coaching"

“The Heart of Coaching”

I’m not necessarily talking about those members at the front of the church: the Musicians, Leaders, Preachers etc,. their talent is visibly recognized. What I’m talking about is those members of the congregation who have – through necessity – hidden their talents under a bushel; some through reluctance, some through fear of rejection and some simply because of not fitting in, not understood!

What a waste!

So why is this such an important issue in the Body of Christ? The simple answer is that God gave Gifts to each one of us to be expressed: Gifts to reach the unsaved; Gifts to create Businesses and Employment. Gifts to discover what the Bible calls ‘Witty Inventions’ to change lives for the better and to create new and dynamic Evangelistic programs.

My belief is that we have a remit from the Father to ‘mine’, as it were, the depths of the Church and to uncover latent talent and to harness ‘passion’ for great ideas.

We need to adopt a culture that dares to take to the ‘world’ the principles of ‘The Kingdom’ – in an accountable and orchestrated fashion.

What is needed is a ‘Coaching Culture’, a ‘can-do’ attitude, and a talent for spotting ‘raw- talent’, together with the ‘Heart of God’ to try, test and bring to market, as it were, new ideas.

So, how do we go about adopting a Coaching and Talent-Spotting Culture within every church? Apart from prayer, there are 7 Key’s to making this change, which I will share next week on this Blog site.

Next Week: “How To” Create a Coaching Culture in every Church.

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Christian Talents, Gifts and your Destiny

photo: aimee daniells

photo: aimee daniells

The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:6 to “…stir up the gift of God within you..”

These would be the gifts talked about in Romans 12:6 “Having these gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophesy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith…”

Paul then goes on to list five further gifts he would have us minister to one another which, although not exhaustible, they serve as a base line upon which we grow and add to our gifts.

And then there are our God-given gifts and talents we are to use to glorify God Himself – through music, dance, art and writing; which when consecrated to Him alone blesses not only Him but those around us.

So how can Life Coaching help find and fulfil God’s purpose for your life? And why is it so important anyway? The answer is because only His purpose and His purpose alone, can fill the God’s Destiny for us! No worldly activities will ever satisfy!

A Christian Life Coach will help you see your life from God’s perspective, (which is the only perspective that really matters!) The reason is that we often get far too close to our own situations and concerns; but someone looking in can very quickly see our lives from a new perspective.

It may help, for example, to look at and discuss latent gifts that have been long placed on the shelf and abandoned! Maybe it’s time to pick them up again; dust them down and assess whether there is potential for God to use them in this new season. Why not try them out in small groups – even in your own family. Meanwhile, so as to build inner confidence, practice seeing yourself using them in your heart – “for as a man thinks in his heart is he.” (Prov. 23:7)

Ask others, those close to you, what they value about you. It may not be the big public displays of Gifts and Talents they appreciate about you but the small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness you display to the needy and vulnerable.

It may simply be a prophetic word in season that really blesses people or an encouraging word to lift their spirits.

Look again at your ‘natural gifts and talents’; which, although not exactly high profile activity, they may non-the-less be essential for keeping lubricated the cogs of the mighty machine that is the Kingdom of God.

Ask others, close to you, what they value about you, and in return, tell them what you value in them. Encourage and Build up each other in your spiritual gifting.

Remember, also, for those who have known in advance what God wants to do and to happen (ie: you saw it in a prophetic vision) – though you never actually publicly prophesied it, the reason He chose you to know about it is because He knew that you would faithfully pray and believe it in to existence. To you, He would say: “Well done good and faithful servant.” 

The crowds might not have seen you but He did! And it is His opinion that really matters!

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Releasing Gifts and Talents in the Church

Christian Gifts & Talents

Within the church, we are responsible to ourselves and to each other in fulfilling God’s call on our lives – to become all that God has made us to be.

Every church has a role in identifying and releasing folk in their talents and gifting, that they might fulfil their God given potential.

But what happens when, say, a talented singer/song writer does not fit in with the way the worship band do things in the church; or the gifted evangelist who’s style is quite ‘gruff’ and confronting (along the lines of Smith Wigglesworth). Are these folk left to be ‘out in the cold’ – to have to go it alone? Or worse still, do these ‘round pegs in square holes’ eventually give up their calling completely!

Then there are the Entrepreneurs, Adventurers, Artists, Writers and Performers, who, although not mainstream, still have a responsibility to fulfilling God’s will and purpose for their lives: to produce fruit for the Kingdom. These individuals can only do their ‘stuff’ by being ‘plugged in’ to their home church.

As a Christian Life Coach I am fulfilling a role that probably should be done within the church leadership, or a ministry within the church.

I encourage folk and affirm them in their unique gifts and talents and work with them to bring forth good fruit for the Kingdom and to develop their skills and talents.

It is a role I delight in, especially seeing them blossom. Having someone to stand alongside and champion them brings out the very best they can be. But I still see they remain largely isolated within the home-church.

This is a plea to all churches: would you please respect, affirm and encourage latent talent within your midst and let them know they are very much valued – even if not totally understood. They still need to feel they are being sent out by their church family and are being covered by prayer.

Peter j Foster 20th September 2013

My next Post will be:

“How to Coach Talents and Gifts in your Church”

Photo by kind permission: petercui(BideCui)

Coaching your Hidden Talents

How to identify and encourage Christian Gifts and Talents in yourself and others.

We each have God-given talents to use but how many of us actually know what they are and whether they would they be accepted anyway.

There is a fear within the Body of Christ that causes deep wounds, frustration and sometimes a ‘falling away’ from Fellowship. All too often talents and gifts are not noticed.
Not surprisingly many have shut down to any passion they might have had to express their God-given talents. They tried and tried and finally gave up!

The Lord makes it very clear in the Gospels that He wants us to ‘Invest’ into the Kingdom the talents he has given us. This is God’s means of producing Increase.

But how do we do it? And would our talents be accepted anyway?

Firstly, we have to know what talents we have before we can utilise them in the Kingdom. So, lets take the ‘Talents Test.’ Please answer the following questions:

* What do you love doing?
* What are you most interested in?
* What came naturally to you as a child?
* What are your parents talents? (This may give you a clue as to what yours are.)
* Who’s talents do you admire, desire – or even envy!?
* Ask a close friend what they would say is your natural gifting and talents.
* What talents have you deliberately shutdown through fear of failure, not being accepted or disappointment?

As Christian church goers we desire, of course, to express our talents within the Body of Christ. But, alas they are not always needed or acknowledged.
So firstly, we must decide to not confine ourselves to the church setting. We can practise and ‘hone’ our crafts outside the church: amongst friends and family, or within our home-groups.

A lady in our church spent many years writing little prophetic notes to members of the church she felt the Lord speaking to. She was practising and honing her craft very discretely. A few years on she is a leader in the church and has a very powerful prophetic ministry. But, she was prepared to start small.

If your talent is for say song writing, you could try them out in your home group or amongst a few friends; maybe even ‘Busk’ them in the street or at ‘Open-Mike’ sessions in cafe’s or bars.

If your talent is for preaching or teaching the Bible, ask for a ‘slot’ in a small group setting before asking to lead a church meeting.

Also, why not find yourself a Mentor or Life Coach; someone who will encourage you to be the very best you can be.

These are all common sense strategies for not only trying out your talents but also for avoiding disappointment in being ‘turned-down’ in the church setting.

But whatever you do, do not hide your talents under a ‘Bushel.’ The world is very active in expressing their gifts and talents – so why not us?

Discover Your Passion


Passion to serve Jesus will reveal itself in any number of ways, depending on who you are, where you have come from and your life events.

Your passion will always be related to people and not ‘things.’

Your passion may be buried so deep you may not even be aware of it.

So why not take the ‘Passion Test’ right now…?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following question.

“What grieves my heart more than anything else?”

Don’t be in a rush to answer; just let the question sink deep down into your heart.

Wait to see what stirs.

Keep a check on your spirit. What is going on deep inside of you?

Are there memories stirring? Perhaps injustices rising to the surface. Anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy even towards certain people or situations.

It’s ok to feel angry. God feels anger at injustice and sin. But we are to be careful not to trip over into bitterness, blaming and feelings of revenge!

The Bible tells us to be angry and not sin. We are to give our anger over to God for He is the Righteous Judge. (Easier said than done!)

God uses our passion so as to co-operate with Him in converting our anger to positive actions of justice, reconciliation and compassion.

Our greatest healing comes from taking what the Devil intended for harm and turning it to good.

The very act of forgiving others and repenting of sinful attitudes enables justice to be done by handing the situation over to the Lord.

“Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord.

Our part is to keep our hearts right with Him, whilst at the same time exposing the wrongs and confronting the sin. It won’t always mean we have to confront someone (or people) face to face. Often our part is simply to forgive others – maybe ourselves too – and repent of any ungodly attitude towards others, even to God or ourselves.

We are to recognise our ‘part to play’ in bringing about reconciliation where needed.

On the other hand, our part may be to take action in bringing about reconciliation or justice.
That’s how Charities came into existence. Someone, somewhere saw a desperate need to help others; passion arose within them and they took action to help.

Accompanied with prayer, ‘action’ can move mountains – both in our own hearts and in the lives and situation’s of others.

You may feel you want to explore this subject deeper. Why not talk it through with a trusted Minister or seek out a Christian Life Coach – someone who is trained to identify ‘vision’ and to help discover ways to fulfil them. Someone who will pray with you and seek the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

You will never be the same again!