I am Healed through Jesus!

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Jesus took the blame and the shame for my sins – on my behalf! He died for me, the death that I should have died – such were my sins!

But how I have struggled with this truth. It’s like being handed an incredibly expensive luxury vehicle free of charge (An Aston Martin please Lord!) which is a totally unearned, undeserved and an unexpected favour. ‘A Gift out of the blue!’ You might say.

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So when it comes to my body being sick, can I really accent the gift of Jesus’ atoning work on the Cross?  Jesus Himself took my sickness upon Himself? On my behalf.

There’s no way I can accept it Unless… I renew my mind to the truth that makes me free!

I need to meditate in my heart upon the truth. I begin to ‘see’ in my heart the promise of God’s healing grace working…

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How to Receive Grace. With You!


There I was bumbling through life:  professing I was a Christian – a marginal One at that!

Everything was going well: nice job working for myself, nice family, nice home and nice church. And then something akin to an explosion shattered my life. I was lost for words and lost for direction. But, no. I was actually still there and had’t slipped off the side of the Earth.

What I now know to have happened was simply the ‘Born again Experience’ An act on God’s gracious behalf where He took away all my sins upon the Cross and counted me His very own son; an act I could never have accomplished in my own cleverness nor Religiosity. And Goodness knows how much I’d try to do so over the years.

No, this is a Gift from the Father and He is to be exalted; and we are to enter in to this new life: By Grace.

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Fire! “The Heart of Coaching”

What God wants is Relationship.

The way we relate to our natural parents and authority figures is probably the way we relate to our Heavenly Father. 

Some times good, sometimes bad!

Jesus made His highest priority to be in right relation with the Father, Like Adam He walked

and talked with the Father in the cool of the evening.

There was no offence, no mis-understanding and no unresolved grudges.- Only encouragement and respect for one an other. In fact the encouragement you would expect from a father, a Coach or Mentor.

If like me you have struggled with relationships in general, ensure your highest priority is relationship with the Father. For out of this relationship will flow all relationships.

As  Believers we are rooted and grounded in the love of the God. We can confidently dismiss lies of the Enemy and root ourselves in the Truth.

‘That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith: that you, being rooted and grounded in love…Ephesians 3:17  The Father desires Relationship

Coached By Jesus

Someone looking into your life can be of great value.

An outsider is able to see your predicament without fear or doubt.images
Often a ‘Word in Season’ can be the key that unlocks your present situation.

If only we could have such a person in our live’s: guiding and encouraging us.

Thankfully, as Christians we do have that Person -The person of the Holy Spirit.

We have the word of God and the Spirit working in all things together for them that love Him.

If we have faithfully stored up God’s Word within our heart’s we are able to quickly repel lies and deceptions of Satan. And rise up in rule and authority.

If you long to empower your Prayer life, Ask for Free Trial Life Coaching.

Relationship with God the Father



‘Living in faith’.
I have called myself a Believer with great passion. I minister to folk who need Coaching in areas of Parenting, Gifts, Talents, Career and Relationships.
Suffice to say I am a committed Christian and am often called upon for my prophetic words, prophetic songs and prayers for the sick.
But, after all these years I cannot say that I have a proper relationship with my Heavenly Father.
I go through the motions and get great Spiritual breakthroughs with Him. I meditate upon the Bible and can recite passages from proverbs and Psalms.
But after many years trying to know the Lord more clearly, I have concluded I have something of an ‘Orphan Spirit’.
I grew up a loner and lived as a single man for many years. Inevitably I took my loneliness to the workplace, and to the family and finally to the church..
To my surprise, when I became a Christian I witnessed many other orphans both in and out side the church.
The only cure I’ve found to this loneliness is through ‘Relationship’ This is the missing key to isolation; not only in the church but in the office, shop, family and fellowship.
The Relationship I am speaking of is of a continual stream of Father’s love.
Speaking to Him in our inner man, thanking Him, glad of His presence, help, encouragement and confidence – all being received by faith.
Continual communication with the Father in this way develops a strong and meaningful Prayer life.
The relationship that develops is as a father/mother relationship whereby we know He is with us and we can refer to Him continually.
No more an Orphan/son or Daughter.

No More Christian Rejection!


Helping you to live free from Rejection!

The spirit behind ‘Rejection’ is a harsh and often cruel task-Master!

It works like this: say for example, in the area of Public Speaking or addressing an audience, the fear of getting it all wrong will drive you to dwell upon it until you feel sick!.

In your heart there is no escape! And by now fear has convinced you you will never be able to face an audience again. You’ve done your best. You have rehearsed, memorised chunks of material but there’s no way out of it; you’re Stuck! Or at least your Soul is Stuck!

Thankfully the heart say’s another truth about you.

The heart say’s that “you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you!” Through His Word He tells you how much he is loves you. He also knows the plans He has for you, to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future.”

So next time you are called to speak, confront, challenge or release your God-given gifts, KNOW that you are doing it through Him. AND NOT YOU! Ask for His help and He will send The Spirit to intervene.

“Don’t Give up!”

800px-Traditional_hat_toss_celebration_at_graduation_from_United_States_Naval_AcademyDo you remember Peter Gabriel’s hauntingly beautiful love song called: “Don’t Give up!”? Well here is an encouraging ‘word’ just for you if you feel in that same situation – Don’t Give Up!

Do you remember how many times you have all-but thrown in the towel – having tried every conceivable route to success; be it related to relationships, health, business or talents  in the church?

Well the truth is that ‘Stepping out of the norm is fraught with problems but it’s a step that has to be taken – regardless of the ‘cost’.

In fact, it seems as though the higher the cost the greater the reward.

Be no longer disappointed. It is all part of the selection process. And remember you do have friends, colleagues and Mentors.

Jesus Christ for Life in abundance!


It’s amazing what people can do when you give them a chance!

Someone looking in on your circumstances can be of great value.

Take for example ‘Business’. It was God’s influence that opened up the right opportunity you are now enjoying. Yes, you were quick to make the right decisions He brought to you, and the right people at the right time to do what was needed. But it was Him who gave you the strength and the wisdom to see the vision that you are now operating under.

Yes you had to be wiling and brave to take the necessary steps forward, but HE did it! Thankfully you were quick to hear the Lords’ prompting and to act on them.

So now it’s your turn to pass on the Baton of Blessing: for every good and perfect gift from our Father of lights.

Peter j Foster (Christian Life Coach)

Salt and Light, for Fulness of Life!

“No matter whether you are in Business, Ministry, family or relationships you are going to need regular seasoning and illuminating of the ‘Holy Spirit’ kind.images-9.jpeg

The Bible tells us we are the salt of the earth, but if the salt
 loses its flavour, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out! We need to meditate on who we are In Christ – lights shining in a darkened world and let our light shine upon the merchandise we produce, the clients we serve and the Students we teach. How else will the World know there is a God that cares. (Matthew 5)


Mind the Gap!

Have you ever noticed that right at the epicentre of a disagreement, say with your Partner or someone else close to you, there will be a gap; both sides temporarily disconnected in a kind of no-mans landscape.

One of the parties may take the ‘lull  in activity’ to mean a temporary cessation of conflict – even professing'The Path' to have won the battle! But not for long! In a moment the two parties lurch back to the epicentre of the conflict and continue spouting nonsense, threats and self-proclaimed victory! There is, however, no time to proclaim victory at this rate, for this is a God-given moment to be still and let God be God.


He may bring a word of encouragement, conviction, understanding or revelation! Whatever you feel, remain right there in the intensity of the moment and allow God to do His ‘Thing! Eventually you will feel The Lords peace, ‘the peace that passes understanding.’ This is His grace indeed; and your opportunity to allow His full work take it’s place as you thank Him for His kindness.