Question: Why Life Coaching in the Body of Christ..?

Because ‘Christian Life Coaching ‘build’s and maintains Motivation for the Journey!..

The Bible exhorts us to pursue Vision; for without Vision, God’s people perish!

Coaching is about growing & encouraging ‘momentum!’ Helping people learn, rather than telling them!

In the future, those who are not Coach’s will not be promoted. Why? Because Coaching is about ‘Growth & Vision.

So, it’s time to let go of those things behind and ‘press’ toward the Goal for the prize of God’s Calling on Our life.

Jealousy in the Church

page2-180px-Silver_Sheet_January_01_1923.pdfJealousy will rob you of your blessings. It is in fact self-rejection! Jealousy will manifest itself as anger; anger that is re-directed to yourself.

Jealousy is generally rooted in fear of being over-looked and not valued. It is often found in the generations. Jealousy amongst siblings is very common.

Whilst busy watching and commenting on others’ Destinies, Jealousy will rob you of your own God given Destiny Why? Because when you are watching and commenting negatively on others, your Destiny is on hold!

Jealousy is the ‘Green-eyed Monster’ of your heart. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there myself. I’ve been guilty of jealousy in the past and I am still vulnerable to temptation.

The fact is, I have to be very careful to keep myself accountable to God my Father. I have to remember that I’m the only one to get hurt when I’m being jealous of some one else . Meanwhile those to whom I am jealous are off having a great time – not even aware of my jealousy.

Injustice happens in every sector of activity: sports, career, sibling rivalry, artistic endevours AND churches. It is a fact we have to learn to overcome – not by trying harder to perform or exell at our achievements, nor by critism and hatred.

For Christians the solution and deliverence from jealousy is to be found in ‘Who we are in Christ Jesus.’ Remembering that, as born again Believers, “it is now no longer I that lives but Christ Jesus that lives,” then we will have no one or nothing to be jealous of.

It is a process of ‘dying to self’ daily – or better still moment by moment! Meanwhile we are to renew our minds with the truth of who we are In Christ. We are actually Christ Jesus to this world. We live in Him and He lives in us. Jesus was and is never jealous of others.

Remembering that our faith is based on the faith of Jesus, then there is no one to be jealous of. Speak out and meditate on well known Scripture verses that tell you who you truly are In Christ and ask God to give you the grace to make that Divine Exchange, at the Cross of Calvary, a reality in your life – moment by moment! That’ll get the Devil jealous!

Coaching can help you get to the root of Jealousy and begin building strategies to overcome it once and for all!

Please consider Booking a Free 45 minute Trial Coaching Session. There is no obligation to continue; however if you do, there will be an affordable Package to get you free from the ‘Green-eyed monster’ once for all. Please Click Here to Contact Me for more Information.