Discover your God given Calling

“Walk worthy of the calling with which you were medium_4536543987called – in Christ Jesus. (Eph 4:1)


“What calling?” You may ask. Answer: The calling that inspired you when you first experienced Jesus Christ. The calling that caused you to testify of the grace of God – and His calling you into His Kingdom.

The calling that inspired you to take up creative ideas, to write songs or stories about Jesus. Or how about the calling that nudged you to write poems, journalling; and to yearn for nothing more than to spend time with Him and His people.

It’s time to step out and step up. Not in your own strength but by the calling and prompting of the Holy Spirit in you.

He’s waiting for you. And you are about to explode with a river of life cascading from your heart.


How to Receive Your Christian Miracle

From the Bible’s perspective, miracles are gracious and mighty works of God that display his unique power and dominion over all creation. They are “gracious” because God in his mercy chooses to reveal himself supernaturally in a way that displays his willingness to interact with mankind.




Biblical miracles serve to authenticate God’s messengers. Some miracles demonstrate God’s salvation, others his judgment.

But right now you are probably wondering how to receive your miracle of healing or miracle of financial provision, etc. You may relate to my own experience of receiving a miracle below.

Testimony: When I became a Christian I began smoking cigarettes like I’d never smoked before. I was virtually chain-smoking. I did everything to quit smoking. I’d buy a pack if 20 cigarettes, smoke them one after the other than get so angry with myself I’d flush half the packet down the toilet. 30 minutes later, Id leave my Apartment and walk to the local ‘All Night’ Store and smoke cigarettes one after the other. I was frantic with shame, terribly un-healthy and fearful.

One night, again smoking one cigarette after the other I prayed for deliverance (for the 10th time that month) and right there in the quietness of night I suddenly received my miracle. In a moment I was free. Every thing went quiet and I knew I was delivered of nicotine addiction! Twenty years later I’m still totally free. Praise God.

I have no Spiritual formula other than to say that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. Just keep praying, seeking and expecting your miracle. It is on its’ way!

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The Benefits of Waiting on The Lord


“But those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Effortless Progress…

Have you noticed there are people with all kinds of challenging situations going on in their lives and yet they are not dragged down to a lower level of fear. On the contrary, they seem to be positively soaring above their circumstances.

Could it be that they’ve learned to emulate the wisdom of the Eagle – soaring above the high places of world; connecting with the thermals that will take them even higher and higher! A place of effortless mastery.

It is from this place of dominance that the Eagle plummet’s from a great hight to pluck from the skies it’s unsuspecting Pray. In no time at all it’s all over!

So what can we learn from the Wisdom of the Eagles?

Your ‘Thermal’ is a place of authority and grace. It is clearly the place of your anointing and  Gifts. Your ‘Thermal’ could well be for Worship – songs flowing from your heart to the congregation. Your ‘Thermal’ could be for ‘Leadership – encouraging and provoking. Your “Thermal’ Could even be for ‘Finances’ ‘Prayer for Healing, ‘Prophetic Songs’ and for ‘Correction and Rebuke!’

No matter what your Gifting, In Christ you will soar like Wings as Eagles.


How To reach the Top of your Christian Mountain


We so long to step out in faith and bring the Kingdom of Heaven into situations and circumstances affecting our lives. But somehow we just seem to hit a brick wall! Thankfully the Word of God tells us how to overcome every obstruction. 

Although we are encouraged to pray more, to rebuke the ‘Devour’ and to declare Scripture that affirms our God-given rights; there’s still something missing!

Frustrated and disappointed we throw our hands into the air concluding that it’s all our own fault and that we are stuck due to a lack of faith (or some other sin that is blocking our prayers.) And so we repent more and we pray more.

Result: Condemnation and failure!

But I have good news for you, this is the exact place where The Lord wants us – fully emptied of ourselves and fully dependant upon Him. For it is in Him, Jesus alone, that we “can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.” It is His strength, not our strength that open’s doors that no man can open; so that we have the opportunity to become more and more like Him – growing in the power of His might.

Paul the Apostle put’s it this way: “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily: and you are complete in Him,who is the head of all principality and power. (Col 2:9-10)

10 Powerful Christian Affirmations, for fulness of Life


800px-Traditional_hat_toss_celebration_at_graduation_from_United_States_Naval_AcademyTo Be Read Out Loud
1. Patience is not the ability to endure suffering but is a constant belief for the best in every situation.

2. Death and life is in the power of the tongue, not in the power of the Devil.

3. Don’t struggle to be more pure, holy or righteous; you have it all in Christ Jesus.

4. God doesn’t consider whether I have faith. He’s already dealt me a measure of faith. It’s what I do with it that matters.

5. My faith is based on the faith of Jesus Christ, in Him alone.

6. I’m not trying to be something; it’s who I already am in Christ Jesus that matters.

7. As he thinks in his heart so is he; for good or bad. Think about it!

8. The blessing of the Lord makes rich, adding no sorrow with it.

9. Trust God to do what you cannot do; but don’t meddle!

10. Keep a tight grip over your negative imaginations that may derail God’s plans for life.

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Understanding Sowing and Reaping

The Key to Abundant Living

Lenzkirch-KeyWhen you stand back and look at your life as an impartial observer you begin to see definite patterns taking place related to your business, your relationships, finances, health and peace of mind.

For example, the attitude you had towards your mother could be the same attitude your daughter now has towards you. The judgements you made against others for their supposed wrong doings are now the same judgements you are receiving from others.

This is the law of ‘sowing and reaping’. It works for good and it works for bad. It is entirely neutral.

The really cool thing about understanding the dynamics behind the principal of sowing and reaping is that you can begin to make choices as to what you want to reap, depending upon what you sow. In other words you can learn how to harvest the crop that you want – and not any old crop that comes along.

So, for example, if like a farmer you sow potatoes, you will reap potatoes. If you want weeds you just do nothing and the weeds do their own thing anyway. If you are now feeling a hapless victim of your random and seemingly un-planned sowing and reaping. All is not lost.

As a qualified ‘farmer of the soul’ I help many folk begin seeing ‘by faith’ the crop they want in their life and accordingly set about preparing the good soil of their hearts to accommodate their dream. It is also worth while ensuring that what you say, during this stage of sowing and reaping, is what you actually want in your heart and therefore, in reality.

Ffald-y-Brenin ‘A Grace Outpouring’ Testimony

A Revelation of the Cross

My current walking pace is very slow due to aching and painful muscles – a symptom of ‘CFS’ – and so I was careful not to rush myself and cause problems later. I walked past the Farmhouse Cottages: warmed by the Christmas glow of lights at the windows, and then onward along an avenue of trees that leads to the Cross. There was no one around at that time of the morning and so as I drew closer, I gave the Lord my audible invitation to touch me at the very roots of my soul and to set me free from any burdens or blockages to my healing. In return, I told Him I would bow and weep and fall at His feet in repentance.

The presence of God grew stronger as I closed the gate at the end of the pathway. I was now in the vicinity of the Cross and stepped warily forward. The sensation of being so high at the final leg of the ridge made me feel quite dizzy. There was a disarming stillness, given its’ elevation so high on the mountain. My response was to remain, similarly, silent.

I stood there, right in front of the Cross, noticing pieces of paper with written prayers pinned at its’ base. I was too engaged with the inexplicable silence to engage in prayer myself and felt resigned that, whatever God would do in my soul to deliver me from my fears and pains, He would do it sovereignly – without my needing to pray. But alas, He didn’t!

I tried moving to a different position, stepping back a few paces to take in the whole of the Cross set against a wintery landscape. But still – nothing!
Maybe, I thought, if I just walked around the vicinity of the Cross the Lord would have an opportunity to catch me unawares. Again: nothing! In fact, such was the distinct absence of anything at all, I decided to sit on the bench close by and just pray. As I prepared myself mentally to repent of any sins that came to mind, I gazed at the Cross once more; only this time I saw it as a jubilant and joyful statement and evidence of God’s enormous love for me: His ultimate victory over sin, sickness, disease, death and hell! Such was the revelation to my heart at that time I uncontrollably exploded in deep laughter. I looked around, embarrassed that I might have been overheard by someone; but no, there was no one there except little old me and the enormity of God’s love and Grace.

I stood up; did some stretches and touched my toes; don’t quite know why but it seemed a good idea at the time! I looked at the Cross once again and restrained the temptation to force a soul-ish laugh; but once again: a deep laugh emanated from a place within me I never knew existed. And then, as my laughing transposed into a coughing fit, it occurred to me that – far from the Cross being a sombre religious sign of our need of repentance; it is also – and primarily – a symbol of Victory! The battle is won. The Devil is defeated. Eternal life is here right now in my heart. Yes, there are tribulations in life, but I am to ‘be of good cheer’ for Christ has overcome the World. I haven’t overcome the World, but ‘in Him’ – His Resurrection life – I have! It is in His inexplicable freedom that I laugh from the very depths of my being. It’s true that I have problems with ill health; I have issues relating to all manner and aspects of life. And just like nature: it rains, it floods, it snows, it burns the ground in the summer and blows so fiercely in the winter it uproots trees and bury’s cars, homes and people’s properties with snow! And yet, behind all the symptoms of a ‘Fallen World’ is the unseen reality of Eternal life. Heaven itself is in our hearts when we embrace the Cross of Jesus. Too often I look only at the reasons for Jesus dying on the Cross for my sins, rather than the greater power of Him having forgiven my sins and bringing me to the Father – forever!

This is where my healing lies: in the Blessing that is already mine. It is in the joy of His Eternal life that I have strength. It is in wallowing in His presence: in praising Him, worshipping Him, loving Him, thanking Him and welcoming Him. This is true freedom! In art, music, family, fellowship – indeed in every aspect of life – His Christian Gifts I Celebrate.
From the stand point of the Earth – from this side of the Cross – I pray, I plead, I sing, I repent and petition God to be set free. But from the other side of the Cross, so to speak, I’m already free!

I decided at that moment, I no longer want to be stuck on this side of the Cross: in ‘Religious activities;’ but to recognise that in any fleshly activity the sole purpose is to enter in to His rest – at the other side of the Cross!

This is, for me, true humility: to recognise the smallness of my life – depicted as the small area of ground at the edge of the ridge where I was seated – compared to the vastness of the valley below, beyond the Cross, with its’ winding rivers, hills and mountains stretching into the far, far distance – as though into ‘Eternity.’

Even as I sat there on the bench, wiping tears of joy from my eyes, I was beginning to slip back into a subtle and sentimental form of religion: “Woe is me; wretch that I am, that God should accept my prayers and reach down to me…” No! No! No! This is classic shame-based attitude that keeps us in bondage to fears. It is not conducive to the freedom of Christ’s Resurrection life living in me, to dwell on what is wrong. It is an insult to God, denying the finished work of the Cross.

If only, I thought, I could ‘package’ my experience of pure joy I’d found beyond the Cross and switch it on as and when I feel… Wouldn’t that be awesome! Or what about ‘packaging it’ and offering it to others… But it doesn’t happen that way. It catches one unawares, somehow. In humility and submission is the way of God’s grace It is a gift that, for some reason, is being poured out right here in Ffald-y-Brenin. Just imagine… the scene is set: ‘A beautiful place high on the hills of Wales; a peace so tangible you could ‘cut it with a knife!’ A welcoming community living here and encouraging the simplistic life of prayer, creativity, community living and pure rest. The ingredients are all in place; the stage is set! It only needs for me to be here and to allow myself to be ‘wooed’ by my Heavenly Father: to go, supernaturally, beyond the finished work of the Cross, and into His infinite wisdom and pure love. Wow! Isn’t that the closest we will ever be to Heaven here on Earth!

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