Using Your Spiritual Gifts

A Symphony of Praise!

Article from a teaching by Stewart Keiller; Pastor Bath City Church, UK


Bringing Heaven to Earth is the very ministry of Jesus that releases the Kingdom of God.

As co-heirs of Jesus we are exhorted to stir up our Spiritual Gifts of God within us, (2 Timothy 1:6) and to step out in the authority we have been given.

The  power of the Cross has brought Heaven to Earth. Jesus now shares all authority and power with the church, and we the Church now release the very nature of God through the Spiritual gifts of Grace we share.

The emphasis is not so much on the power of the Gifts, but the authority and the Spiritual power that is given to us – ‘In His Name.’ And as we use our authority to the measure God has given us, so we release the very sound of Heaven. As a ‘Symphony of Praise’ with many instruments creating a diversity of sound we are united in gloryfying God – and united in relationship with one an an other.

It is the Holy Spirit who decides which Spiritual Gift we each are given. Our part is to present our bodies as living sacrifices; to hand over our minds to God and be willing to do His perfect will through the Spiritual Gifts He gives us.

God has a purpose for each one of us. It is only through an honest evaluation of our lives that we find our part in the Body of Christ and what God is doing throughout the World.

(Written from a teaching by Stewart Keiller, Bath City Church UK, October 2013)

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