Refiner’s Fire (Surviving Church Life)

Pic: Titus Tscharntke

Being a member of a local church can be a gruelling experience!

Far from being an emotionally stable environment – the high light of the week’s activities, a chance to be refreshed,encouraged and built up; it can actually produce a number of ‘side-effects’ you’d never imagine!

If you are in a church where the full Gospel is preached; and where signs and wonders are regularly experienced and the moving of the Holy Spirit is a reality; then your emotional equilibrium will eventually be challenged!

Did not the Lord Himself tell us that He comes as a Refiner’s Fire? He comes to cleanse us of every secret fault, to illuminate the darkness, deliver us from our destruction’s, rid us of unbelief and heal all our diseases.

Which means of course confronting the status-quo: the way we think, the lies we have believed about ourselves (that do not stack up with Scripture), the fears we have and the unbelief we have confessed.

Life can be very confusing; agony at times, carrying all this heavy baggage!

So, given that you have agreed with the Lord to permit His work of Restoration in your life, here are five Keys to making the journey easier – and less confusing.

1. When the Lord puts His finger on an area of sin, acknowledge His interference as a gift of grace. In fact, welcome Him and co operate with His Healing Ministry.

2. Have an Accountability Partner – someone who understands you and the sanctification process you are going through. Someone who will support you all the way; in prayer and by just being there when needed.

3. Remember, the work that Father God has begun in your life, He will carry it on to completion. Cooperate with Him, trust Him and thank Him for His personal attention in your life.

4. Keep a journal of all that has been dealt with in this time of deep Ministry. It will help you not let the ‘enemy’ try drag you back to what you have already been set free from.

5. Have Scripture at the ready to counteract the lies you once agreed with (and which are now under the Blood of Jesus). Scripture is powerful when spoken in faith. We must use it as a weapon against the lies and attacks of the Enemy.

6. Finally, be ready to give your testimony both in your church and to your friends and family; for we overcome the Devil by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

As a Christian Life Coach I will stand with you in faith and walk this journey with you.

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 Copyright:Peter j Foster 2013. (Christian Life Coach).

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