Christian Talents, Gifts and your Destiny

photo: aimee daniells

photo: aimee daniells

The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 1:6 to “…stir up the gift of God within you..”

These would be the gifts talked about in Romans 12:6 “Having these gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophesy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith…”

Paul then goes on to list five further gifts he would have us minister to one another which, although not exhaustible, they serve as a base line upon which we grow and add to our gifts.

And then there are our God-given gifts and talents we are to use to glorify God Himself – through music, dance, art and writing; which when consecrated to Him alone blesses not only Him but those around us.

So how can Life Coaching help find and fulfil God’s purpose for your life? And why is it so important anyway? The answer is because only His purpose and His purpose alone, can fill the God’s Destiny for us! No worldly activities will ever satisfy!

A Christian Life Coach will help you see your life from God’s perspective, (which is the only perspective that really matters!) The reason is that we often get far too close to our own situations and concerns; but someone looking in can very quickly see our lives from a new perspective.

It may help, for example, to look at and discuss latent gifts that have been long placed on the shelf and abandoned! Maybe it’s time to pick them up again; dust them down and assess whether there is potential for God to use them in this new season. Why not try them out in small groups – even in your own family. Meanwhile, so as to build inner confidence, practice seeing yourself using them in your heart – “for as a man thinks in his heart is he.” (Prov. 23:7)

Ask others, those close to you, what they value about you. It may not be the big public displays of Gifts and Talents they appreciate about you but the small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness you display to the needy and vulnerable.

It may simply be a prophetic word in season that really blesses people or an encouraging word to lift their spirits.

Look again at your ‘natural gifts and talents’; which, although not exactly high profile activity, they may non-the-less be essential for keeping lubricated the cogs of the mighty machine that is the Kingdom of God.

Ask others, close to you, what they value about you, and in return, tell them what you value in them. Encourage and Build up each other in your spiritual gifting.

Remember, also, for those who have known in advance what God wants to do and to happen (ie: you saw it in a prophetic vision) – though you never actually publicly prophesied it, the reason He chose you to know about it is because He knew that you would faithfully pray and believe it in to existence. To you, He would say: “Well done good and faithful servant.” 

The crowds might not have seen you but He did! And it is His opinion that really matters!

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