Prophetic Christian Life Coaching

In the Gospel of John 5:19 we see that Jesus only ever did what he saw the Father doing! If Jesus was so reliant upon the Spirit of God to reveal the Father’s will, how much more should we as followers of Jesus Christ, be seeking God’s prophetic ‘Now Word’ for our lives.origin_2340296058

The Christian Life Coach will spiritually ‘stand in the gap’ between the client being coached and the ‘Divine will of the Father’.

Prayerfully the entire coaching session is committed to the Lord for His guidance. The client does not necessarily need to join in with this prayer; he or she may not be in a place to do so. As previously stated, the Christian Life Coach is, in effect, ‘standing in the gap’ between Father God and the client with the purpose only to seek the God’s Destiny.

This is a responsibility that the Coach does not take lightly and demonstrates the need for the Coach himself to be in a good place with the Lord and to be fully committed to doing only what he sees the Father doing.

On occasions the Prophetic Life Coach will see very clearly what the Father is saying related to an issue with the client; it may not, however, be expedient for him to impart this information. It is generally more beneficial for the client to receive revelation himself; to find answers for himself.

In order to maintain forward motion, the Coach – through patient questioning and active listening – will prompt the client into seeking their own answers. When they do so, they are far more motivated to apply their new found truth directly to their lives.

Healing and freedom begins when we confront the root of our problems. There are, however, occasions when issues are so deeply buried in the unconscious that the mind is incapable of connecting with them. This is where revelation from the Heart of God is so crucial. The revelation may come in a word spoken, a scripture hi-lighted or a picture in the mind. The important thing is to have faith to go with the prophetic insight and trust the client to the tender hands of the Father. He alone knows the plans He has for us, to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future. And He alone knows how to get us to that place of fulness in Christ.

Skilfully applied Christian Life Coaching, together with sound Biblical Counseling and the ‘Prophetic Word’ will see God’s will be done for your life.

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