“How Can I Love Myself?”

I found it impossible to love myself before I was a Christian.

I recognised – and am grateful – that I was loved by my parents. I loved certain aspects of my life: I loved nature, beautiful music and art. I loved the countryside and the seaside. Yes, I knew that love existed but I had no real basis upon which to love myself. All I saw was a mixture of faults, fears, hurts, disappointments and failures.

Yes, there were good times – great times even! I had wonderful relationships; I had success in business and as an Entertainer. I travelled much and truly valued my experiences. But that didn’t mean I was loved and that I had intrinsic value and worth.

In fact, I now realise the real motivation behind much of these pursuits was as a means of making me feel loved and valued. Alas, it didn’t work!

The only basis upon which I now know I am loved is because the Bible tells me so.

Not that I particularly feel it. Not that it is worked out in my relationships with others as yet nor myself. It’s true, I still have emotional bagage, hurts and feelings of insecurity and rejection.

But the Bible tells me I am now loved with an everlasting love.

Then what must I do to believe?

* I repent and keep renouncing the lies of the Devil that tells me I am not loved.
* I declare out loud the truth that – in Christ Jesus – I am loved by my Heavenly Father with an everlasting love. “I believe therefore I have spoken.”
* I forgive others for how I perceived they did not love me.
* I forgive myself for not loving me.
* I forgive myself for pressing love in wrong places.
* I forgive previous generations for teaching me to not love myself!
* I choose to love others.
* I reject the lies of the Devil who would try tell me I’m still unloved.
* I turn from jealousy towards others; together with bitterness and resentment.
* I keep focussing on God’s love for me.
* I meditate on the Truth of God’s Word towards me.
* I ask God to help me in all the above.
* I share my love with others.
* I seek prayer ministry, a Counsellor or a Christian Life Coach where I find there are hurts, fears or un-forgivenss in the way of God’s love for me

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