What is your Passion?

Our passion is to do exploits for God.

Our passion has the same power that drove Jesus all the way to the Cross, to die for our sins.

Just think of the enormous challenges Jesus had to face in accomplishing His Goal of salvation for Mankind.

It was a challenge fraught with fears, trepidation – even doubt!

So how did Jesus do it? How did Jesus endure the shame of the Cross? He was rejected by his own people; criticised by the Religious Jews and was finally humiliated by hanging on a wooden cross.

The answer is: He endured the Cross because of the joy set before him.

His joy and fulfilment was to provide forgiveness of sins to all peoples of the world – not that we deserved it nor would many embrace his forgiveness, but he still went to the Cross to provide it.

His joy was to do the Father’s will.

It is only passion that will keep us going when the going gets tough.

Jesus never said it would be easy to fulfil God-given dreams and goals. There is a huge price to pay for success: it will take much of our time, money – even our reputation. But it will be worth it!

So how do we do it?

When I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour I received his passion into my heart. His passion is always for the lost, the hurting, the sick and the ‘unsaved.’

His passion is a Gift that will enable us to get the job done!

It is the gift that enables us to keep going in the face of resistance, persecution, rejection – even at the risk of our very life!

Yes, it’s a huge price to pay. But a higher price to pay is to deny the gift of passion and to live in subjection to our feelings by taking the easy way out! Yes it’s a safe place to live but a passionate-less place is a pointless place – and is to deny the greatest joy known to Mankind.

Next Bog: ‘Discover your Passion.’


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