Bearing Fruit

Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness – berries and fruits everywhere; the result of months of preparation beneath the surface. Nature has dutifully carried out Gods instructions to both provide food for all manner of creatures and to reproduce of its’ kind.

The Bible teaches us to do likewise: to bear the fruit of his Spirit, to love others, to give, serve, bless and forgive. And yet in common with all of nature, we have an enemy thatĀ seeks to subvert Gods plan. This enemy is ever working deep beneath the surface of out hearts to bring us into fear, condemnation, hopelessness and offense. He knows that if he can discourage us in God’s plans, he lives to tell another lie!

It’s good to remember that what we put in to the ground of our heart is what we get out. The farmer or gardner knows only too well the necessity of preparing the ground for sowing or planting; and the effort it takes to weed and protect its’ growth. How much more are we to work diligently to apply God’s Word so as to bear fruit with patience.

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